Bulin Wall Crumbles

Despite Dale Tallon‘s claims that he will go ahead and start the season with both Cristobal Huet and Nikolai Khabibulin, it has been reported from various sources that Khabibulin has been placed on waivers. No word of what’s going on behind the doors, but it’s expected that Khabibulin will either be traded or claimed through re-entry waivers.

Of course the front-runners are the Kings, but no news out of their camp about the matter.

This also means that Corey Crawford will backup Huet this season.

EDIT: Mark B at the Bleacher Report thinks that Khabibulin is going out the door for Martin Gerber. I say it’s impossible because a) acquiring Gerber gives them yet another 1A/1B tandem, b) the Hawks only save roughly $2m, c) the trade doesn’t make sense for the Sens.