Leafs should acquire Matheiu Schneider

If the Leafs are serious about rebuilding for the future, the Leafs should acquire Mathieu Schneider from the Anaheim Ducks. Ok, that sounds quite odd considering Schneider is old and expensive and set to be a UFA next summer. But after you read this it will make total sense.

The Anaheim Ducks are desperate to shed salary so they can get under the cap and sign Teemu Selanne. They have some forwards that they could possibly get rid of but non would free up all that much salary. Schneider is the guy they really want to get rid of. A few years ago the New Jersey Devils were desperate to shed salary to get under the cap as well. To do so the Devils traded Malakhov and a first round pick for a couple of fringe players. So, what the Leafs should do is offer Ian White to the Ducks for Schneider and a first round pick. Fletcher doesn’t seem all that interested in White long term, but is more than capable of playing on the third defense pair for the Ducks. The Ducks free up Schneider’s salary and the Leafs get a good pick to use in next summers draft.

But it doesn’t end there. Schneider is still a good defenseman and come trade deadline there will be teams looking for a defenseman with his skills and experience. At that time the Leafs could trade Schneider again for another good draft pick.

In the end the Leafs could end up with a couple of very good draft picks at a cost of Ian White, who may not make the team anyway, and the $4-4.5 million they would have to pay Schneider between now and the trade deadline. But as you know, the Leafs have ample money and ample cap room so that isn’t really an issue if they are truly serious about rebuilding. They are one of the few teams that could make such a move. The Canucks and Kings could probably do this as well but the Canucks seem intent on holding out for Sundin or would prefer a forward and the Kings are Anaheim’s cross city rival so Anaheim may prefer not to deal with them if they didn’t have to. The Leafs, if they were smart, could be Anaheim’s answer to their problem.

Oh, and Burke will be helping the team he will soon be GM of (if you listen to the media) so it works out perfectly.

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  1. since he cleard waivers yesterday, Schnieder would now be claimed off re-entry waivers, meaning the team tha tpicks him up is only responsible for half of his salary hit for this coming season, someone will pick him up at $2.85 when the duck sput him on re-entry waivers

  2. What one says in public and what one actually believes can be two different things. He isn’t going to publicly announce that he is willing to give up a draft pick just to dump Schneider because that would kill any value Schneider might have. We’ll see what happens though. If he wants Selanne enough he’ll have to clear cap space. He could justify such a move by claiming that he is moving Schneider and a draft pick for White and Selanne. Fans could accept that as it would probably make his team more balanced.

  3. As far as I know Schneider has not been demoted to the farm team yet and thus is not going to be recalled and thus able to be claimed on re-entry waivers for half the cost. This is an option for the Ducks but as of yet they have not done so.

  4. Sorry David, I just don’t see it. Burke has always been the all or nothing type and I can’t imagine him rolling over now, especially after being so public about it.

    Even if a pick were moved as part of a larger package, I think a team would have to give up way more than an undersized 6th or 7th defenceman to get a first-round pick out of the Ducks.

    As per re-call waivers, Burke stated that since Schneider wasn’t assigned to the minors, he doesn’t have to pass through recall (or reverse) waivers, which would expose him at 50% salary. Not sure how that works or if it’s even possible, but it’s certainly Burke’s current take on the matter.

  5. If Schneider falters as a Leaf, they could end up with only a mid-round pick, or even nothing. Considering that the Leafs aren’t expected to make any real noise this year it’s not completely out of the question.

    Interesting theory though, David.

  6. Very bold idea…they have the room, and it could come to that for Burke. Only issue I see is that Schneids is being pretty ill treated with all the moving around, doesn’t look very professional, FWIW.

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