My Turn

says, Joe Sakic, who will be holding a press conference before his annual charity golf tournament on Thursday. While it’s not unusual for such a high-profile athlete to have a press conference/media junket for a charity golf tournament, you can bet that questions will be asked about Sakic’s decision on whether to return or not (my bet is he will).

Colorado’s success this year will very much depend on Sakic’s decision. While Paul Stastny is a good (he will be great some day), he is no Sakic, and no one on the team is good enough or ready to take over his mantle. Adam Foote may be the one to take over the locker room (I bet he’s captain if Sakic retires), but Sakic’s offense cannot be replaced. His mere presence on the ice means that the defense will clog up the shooting lanes and get guys like Milan Hejduk or Ryan Smyth good looks. Without Sakic they’re that much weaker and easier to play against.

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