Welcome to the New HockeyAnalysis.com

As you can see, there have been some major changes to the HockeyAnalysis.com front page. This is just the next step in what I hope will be a transformation from what was my personal hockey blog to what I hope will become one of the premier fan-centric hockey websites.

HockeyAnalysis.com came to life after in 2005 after the 2004-05 lockout season as a an outlet for me to discuss what I am passionate about. Hockey. One of the goals I had for HockeyAnalysis.com was to add some depth to the hockey conversation taking place in the mainstream media and on most websites and blogs. I believe I have accomplished that goal on a small scale. I have tried to dig a bit deeper into both statistical analysis, team and player ratings, and I have delved a little bit into CBA and business issues. But I believe there is much more to be done and much more than I can do on my own.

Since the beginning I always had the intention to grow Hockey Analysis by bringing in other smart hockey minds to help me in my goal of understanding hockey issues on a deeper level. Early on I brought in a couple of co-writers for the blog and and while the two people I brought on board made some early contributions they soon lost interest and moved on. But this past year I decided to give it another try by bringing on more bloggers who could contribute team blogs and specialty blogs. For the most part this venture has been fairly successful as we now have close to half the teams covered in some way, have a specialty fantasy blog and a rumours blog. This update was in large part a result of the success of the team and specialty bloggers. I think it is only fair for me to convert the front page from my personal hockey blog to more of a site portal page to help promote the great work each of the writers have done.

For those who were regular readers of my personal blog, do not fear I will still be writing and doing all the same stuff I used to do but I will probably do a whole lot more as well. The front page now features a News and Rumours section which myself and Jason (from rumours.hockeyanalysis.com) will contibute articles too. The News and Rumours section will feature everything that myself and Jason have written in the past but will also contain shorter ‘news only’ posts that will report on major hockey news stories but may not have the same level of analysis that some of our posts did in the past. These posts will serve as both an information source for our regular readers and as a starting point for discussion where you the readers can post comments with your thoughts and opinions.

I have also introduced new message boards which will server as another spot for general hockey discussion. With a little effort from the Hockey Analysis bloggers and you the readers I think we can make the Hockey Analysis forums the best place for hockey discussion on the web.

This is not the final step in the growth of HockeyAnalysis.com. Over the next few weeks, months and likely years we will be undertaking more changes. In the not to distant future I hope to have each team blog set up in their own team color scheme. Down the road I will be looking a introducing newsletters, hockey pools, podcasts, and possibly video segments. I am also always on the lookout to add some quality bloggers to either take over one of the team blogs that does not have a writer yet or write a specialty blog of some kind. I am always open to ideas or suggestions so feel free to toss in your two cents.

Thanks for visiting HockeyAnalysis.com and I hope you enjoy the changes.

David Johnson