Enough with the Fictional Sundin Rumours

Everyone’s least favourite fictional hockey rumour blogger is back at it again. Yup, Eklund has yet another Mats Sundin rumour.

Did we stumble on what the holdup may be?

The source, who has MANY years experience in the NHL, told me this…”I just heard that Toronto wants Sundin back and Sundin wants back in Toronto. Toronto will sign him today as long as Mats is willing to NOT include a NO TRADE CLAUSE in the contract.. That is the hold up currently and ONLY that.”

Every day Eklund has some kind of Sundin rumour. The other day he had him on the verge of signing with the Canadiens and now he has him on the verge of signing with the Leafs, if only Fletcher would give him a no trade clause.

Guess what friends, Fletcher has offered Sundin a no trade clause and has publicly stated he has no issues with offering him such a clause.

From a CBC article

Sundin earned $5.5 million last season and refused to waive his no-trade clause prior to the trade deadline. Fletcher had indicated in early June that if the Leafs were to make an offer, they would have no qualms about giving Sundin a no-trade clause again.

“If Mats comes to me and says, ‘I will sign, but I have to have a no-trade contract,’ and it is a one-year contract, he has got it,” Fletcher said.

The only hold up in the Mats Sundin saga is Mats Sundin himself. Mats Sundin is unsure if he wants to play at all next year, let alone has he decided where is is going to play. This is nothing new. Last summer John Ferguson Jr. offered Mats a one, two, or three year deal with no trade clauses and Mats took the one year deal because he wasn’t sure he wanted to play more than one more season. He has said all summer, directly or through his agent, that he has not yet decided if he wants to play next season. He just got married and it is perfectly understandable if it is now that he decides to hang up the skates and retire. But it is also perfectly understandable if he wants to take his time to make that decision.

I have heard people compare the Sundin situation to the Brett Farvre situation but the situations are completely different. Farve had a contract, retired, and then came back leaving his team on the hook for his salary in a salary cap league. Mats Sundin has no contract, he is a free agent and he will leave no teams obligated to pay him a dime should he decide not to retire. If Sundin’s is holding up or messing up any teams plans for next season then only that team is to blame because they chose to wait for Sundin. They didn’t have to. The Favre situation is analagous to the Scott Niedermayer situation from a year ago when Niedermayer chose to return and put the Anaheim Ducks in a tough position of having to deal away Andy McDonald to make room for him.

Sundin is a private person. He doesn’t tell many people about his decision making process or which direction he is leaning. Even his agent isn’t sure of what he is going to do or which way he is leaning. My guess is the only person who knows really what he is thinking is Mats himself, and possible his new wife. Anyone who tries to portray the situation as any different is feeding you a load of nonsense. Anyone who is giving you daily updates of which team is in the lead for Sundin’s services next season is feeding you a line of fiction. It’s all bogus. It is a shame that fans get all hyped up about such nonsense.

Oh, and why aren’t we hearing a daily Joe Sakic watch?

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  1. “Oh, and why aren’t we hearing a daily Joe Sakic watch?”

    I’ve noticed the same, but for Sakic it’s either Colorado or retirement. Nobody’s bidding for his services because he’s not going anywhere else. For Sundin, he has at least 4 viable options (TOR, VAN, MTL, retirement) plus apparently two others with longshots. It’s intriguing to speculate where Sundin will end up.

  2. You nailed it! I usually get a good laugh out of Eklund’s rumours but this one was way out there. But I’m sure he will eventually get the Sundin decision scoop — five minutes after TSN does.

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