Stanley Cup Finals Prediction

Both Pittsburgh and Detroit have made it to the Stanley cup finals relatively easily and over the course of the season these two teams probably showed themselves to be the best of the east and the best of the west. But, over the course of the season (and last season) the west has also shown itself to be the much better conference overall. But, Pittsburgh was one of the only eastern teams with a winning record against the western conference going an outstanding 8-1-1 though Detroit went 7-2-1 against the east as well. These two teams did not play each other in the regular season so we have nothing to go by there. I have said in previous rounds that I think this could be Pittsburgh’s year but I really don’t know if they have enough to beat Detroit. The big difference I think will be Detroit’s defense which is superior to the Penguins. Pittsburgh really needs to get some confidence and success early in the series or this could be a quick one. My prediction is the Wings win the first two at home and then take the series in 5.

  1. Pittsburgh at Detroit

    Pittsburgh (road) Detroit (home)
    Predicted Winner Detroit (Good)
    Fair Odds +131 -146
    Overall Record 47-27-8 54-21-7
    Home/Road Record 21-17-3 29-9-3
    Last 10 Games 6-3-1 7-2-1
    Past Games
    • None

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