Second round predictions

  1. Dallas at San Jose

    Dallas (road) San Jose (home)
    Predicted Winner San Jose (Some)
    Fair Odds +125 -133
    Overall Record 45-30-7 49-23-10
    Home/Road Record 22-14-5 22-13-6
    Last 10 Games 3-5-2 7-2-1
    Past Games
    • 2007/10/29: San Jose 4 at Dallas 2
    • 2007/11/07: Dallas 3 at San Jose 1
    • 2007/11/14: San Jose 4 at Dallas 3 (SO)
    • 2007/12/05: San Jose 3 at Dallas 2
    • 2007/12/15: Dallas 4 at San Jose 2
    • 2008/01/17: Dallas 4 at San Jose 2
    • 2008/03/27: Dallas 2 at San Jose 3 (OT)
    • 2008/04/06: San Jose 2 at Dallas 4

    My opinion: This is an interesting secound round matchup since it features two teams who have each had dissapointing playoffs in recent years. On paper San Jose is probably the better team but they may not be as rested having gone 7 games against Calgary. I think home ice will serve the Sharks well though so I’ll predict Sharks in another long 7 game series.

  2. Colorado at Detroit

    Colorado (road) Detroit (home)
    Predicted Winner Detroit (Good)
    Fair Odds +132 -148
    Overall Record 44-31-7 54-21-7
    Home/Road Record 17-19-5 29-9-3
    Last 10 Games 5-4-1 7-2-1
    Past Games
    • 2007/12/27: Detroit 4 at Colorado 2
    • 2008/01/08: Colorado 0 at Detroit 1
    • 2008/02/01: Colorado 0 at Detroit 2
    • 2008/02/18: Detroit 4 at Colorado 0

    My opinion: This is another very intriging matchup as it features a renewal of an old rivalry and while many of the players have changed some core players on both teams remain and although neither team really plays with a physical edge, I am sure some of that old rivalry will resurface. Detroit is better on defense with Lidstrom and crew but Colorado probably has an edge up front with more offensive depth. The key to this series is likely to be goaltending as the Avalanche hope Theodore can continue his resurgent season and the Wings hope that Osgood can carry the reigns as it seems age has finally creeped up on Hasek. Prediction: Avalanche in 6.

  3. Philadelphia at Montreal

    Philadelphia (road) Montreal (home)
    Predicted Winner Montreal (Strong)
    Fair Odds +146 -187
    Overall Record 42-29-11 47-25-10
    Home/Road Record 21-15-5 22-13-6
    Last 10 Games 7-2-1 8-1-1
    Past Games
    • 2007/11/01: Philadelphia 2 at Montreal 5
    • 2007/12/13: Montreal 4 at Philadelphia 1
    • 2008/02/16: Philadelphia 0 at Montreal 1
    • 2008/02/17: Montreal 5 at Philadelphia 3

    My opinion: This series features a small, speedy skilled team in Montreal vs a bigger and more physical team in the Flyers. The key to this series will be for Montreal to get a quick start to the series and try and end the series early. If they don’t I think Philadelphia will wear them down over the course of a long series and should it go 6 or 7 games I like Philadelphia’s chances. To be perfectly honest, I am not a fan of either of these teams and if I had a choice I would hope they would both lose. But since one of them has to win I’ll choose Philadelphia in 6 if only because Montreal (the city) doesn’t deserve to win after the behaviour shown from some of their ‘fans’ after game 7 against Boston.

  4. NY Rangers at Pittsburgh

    NY Rangers (road) Pittsburgh (home)
    Predicted Winner Pittsburgh (Some)
    Fair Odds +121 -128
    Overall Record 42-27-13 47-27-8
    Home/Road Record 17-14-10 26-10-5
    Last 10 Games 5-1-4 6-3-1
    Past Games
    • 2007/10/23: NY Rangers 0 at Pittsburgh 1
    • 2007/11/08: Pittsburgh 2 at NY Rangers 4
    • 2007/11/17: NY Rangers 4 at Pittsburgh 3 (OT)
    • 2007/12/18: Pittsburgh 0 at NY Rangers 4
    • 2008/01/14: NY Rangers 1 at Pittsburgh 4
    • 2008/03/18: Pittsburgh 2 at NY Rangers 5
    • 2008/03/30: NY Rangers 1 at Pittsburgh 3
    • 2008/03/31: Pittsburgh 1 at NY Rangers 2 (OT)

    My opinion: The Rangers goaltending and defense defense vs Pittsburghs offense. It is an interesting matchup. Typically goaltending and defense win (see the success of the New Jersey Devils over the past 15 years) but the Penguins are loaded with star players so the defense wins rule may be tossed out the window. I like the Rangers but I wonder if they have enough offense to win agaist a strong offensive team like Pittsburgh. My gut also tells me that this is Pittsburgh’s year. So with that in mind I’ll predict Pittsburgh in 6.

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  1. Home ice will serve San Jose well? I mean, you could be right- but it would be a huge change from the historical norm. San Jose gives it up to Dallas on home ice like the drill team captain in the back seat of a chevy. Modano in particular skates 10 years yougner at the Shark Tank- and he blisers them so regularly there that it was actually “news” when he didn’t shove a shoot out down their throat for once in their last meeting there this season.

    I don’t disagree with your prediciton (although I wish I could), but I have so say that calling home ice an advantage for the Sharks over the Stars doesn’t make a lot of sense. The Sharks hate it when the Stars come to town, because the Stars own the Shark Tank, and always have.

  2. congratulations – your website is blocked by websense under the category “Web Chat”. which means I can’t access your site from work. well, um, i’m not supposed to anyways

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