NHL Power Rankings – March 11, 2008

Rank 7 Days
Team AdjWinP SchedStr Power
1 1 Detroit 0.652 0.510 0.646
2 2 San Jose 0.580 0.525 0.615
3 3 Dallas 0.562 0.523 0.586
4 4 Anaheim 0.556 0.525 0.582
5 5 Minnesota 0.543 0.519 0.559
6 7 Calgary 0.522 0.528 0.553
7 8 Vancouver 0.529 0.519 0.551
8 6 Nashville 0.521 0.519 0.541
9 13 Colorado 0.514 0.524 0.538
10 11 New Jersey 0.572 0.472 0.536
11 9 Phoenix 0.493 0.530 0.533
12 10 Ottawa 0.550 0.473 0.516
13 12 Montreal 0.550 0.471 0.513
14 15 Philadelphia 0.529 0.479 0.507
15 14 Pittsburgh 0.536 0.476 0.506
16 17 NY Rangers 0.521 0.480 0.502
17 21 Chicago 0.471 0.525 0.492
18 19 Buffalo 0.507 0.479 0.489
19 22 Carolina 0.536 0.465 0.489
20 16 Boston 0.507 0.478 0.488
21 18 Columbus 0.471 0.521 0.487
22 20 St. Louis 0.442 0.529 0.480
23 23 NY Islanders 0.443 0.487 0.441
24 25 Edmonton 0.399 0.531 0.432
25 24 Washington 0.471 0.468 0.432
26 28 Florida 0.451 0.471 0.422
27 26 Toronto 0.429 0.482 0.416
28 27 Los Angeles 0.366 0.539 0.409
29 29 Atlanta 0.407 0.473 0.387
30 30 Tampa Bay 0.370 0.477 0.353

AdjWinP is a teams winning percentage when shootouts are considered ties and there are no points awarded for overtime losses
SchedStr is an indication of a teams relative difficulty of schedule
Power Rank is the teams expected winning percentage if team played all .500 teams

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  1. East really as a problem as NJ is ranked below ninth…
    Nashville wouldn’t make the playoffs right now but is ranked above every team in the East… well perhaps next year with more inter conference play the rankings will better reflect the standings or something because right now the west looks really stronger.

  2. As of right now, and most interconference games have been played, only Chicago has a sub .500 record against the east (3-4-1) and only New Jersey (5-3-1), Pittsburgh (8-1-1), and Boston (6-4-0) have a better than .500 record against the west. Overall the western conference has an 81-47-13 (175pts) record against the east and the east has a 60-66-15 (135pts) record against the west. That is a significant difference and thus is reflected in the power rankings.

    Also note that the difference between New Jersey (0.536 Power Rank) and Minnesota (0.559) is not that great even though it is the difference between 10th and 5th. But clearly the best teams are in the west.

  3. I’ve been (yet again) scratching my head over this one. I don’t believe for a minute that the ninth place team in the West is better than every team in the East.

    If you put Nashville up against the top teams in the East in a playoff series, Nashville wouldn’t stand a chance. (Maybe Ottawa would be vulnerable, since they’ve played their worst hockey recently.)

    While the West is the better conference, there’s no way that the West is that much better.

    Maybe for one thing, Eastern teams aren’t used to long road trips spanning time zones like Western teams are. So an Eastern team is more likely to crater on its Western road trips due to the travel factor alone.

  4. Why is it so hard to believe? Nashville has a 5-3-1 record against the east. They beat Ottawa. They beat Montreal. Maybe all of this is just chaulked up to luck and that every time the west plays the east the eastern team is full of injuries and the western team is 100% healthy. And maybe this luck has gone on for 2 years now because the west dominated the east last year too. And maybe the Senators, who made the rest of the east look awfully ordinary in the playoffs last year, just had some kind of bad luck in looking so awful against the Ducks in the finals last year. Maybe all of this can be chaulked up to luck, but I doubt it.

    The west is just a far better conference, top to bottom.

  5. New Jersey would stand fift in the west point wise so your right it isn’t a stretch that given they would face Detroit,Dallas, San Jose and Anaheim more often they would probably be lower.

    the travel argument fails as the teams that are successful against the west are centrally located.

    But I have to disagree with “The west is just a far better conference, top to bottom.” Los Angeles is clearly the weakest Western team.

    Still it will be interesting to see with more interconference plays where the teams really stands.

    What I’m wondering is how do the division stacks up it seems like the pacific Division is the best having 3 out of top 4 and common sense would suggest that they’d need to win outside their division. So my question is what are the division ratios of win against same conference and outside conference.

  6. I think the Devils would adapt to the West as they have adapted to playing the East…it just takes time…we will all find out next year with the old “new” scheduling how it goes. I did want you David to check out The NHL Arena…maybe we can do a link exchange of some sort. Great numbers no question here.

  7. Hello???? David where are you? The playoffs begins tomorow!!! You have post nothing in the last month. I know your beloved Maple leafs is out of the picture but there is still plenty of good hockey games left. I come every day to check your site for update.

    I was hoping to get something by you for the playoffs.

  8. Sorry about being inactive. I have been extremely busy doing double contracts, buying a house, selling a house, and getting ready to move. But I just posted some stuff for your enjoyment. Also be sure to check around as there are several other bloggers here now that are posting some really good stuff.

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