Could the Senators miss the playoffs?

It is a crazy thought but could the Senators miss the playoffs? You may think it is rediculous to think that the Senators could miss the playoffs but the Senators are only 9 points out of 9th spot currently held by the Philadelphia Flyers who a few short weeks ago were in as comfortable a playoff position as the Senators are now. The Senators are a dismal 4-6-2 in their last dozen games and with several important important games coming up followed by a tough west coast trip they have to turn their game around soon.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) the Senators play the 7th Boston Bruins and Thursday they play the 8/9th place Flyers. On Saturday they have strong Pittsburgh Penguins after which they go on a tough west coast road trip with games against Anaheim, San Jose, Los Angeles and Phoenix before coming back east for games with Boston and Montreal. If the Senators can play .500 or above during that span of 9 games their playoff hopes look good but that is a real tough schedule.

The star forwards on the Senators are currently playing horrible hockey. Fisher has just one point in 11 games. Alfredsson has 2 in 7 games while Heatley and Spezza both have 3 in 7 games. A Senators fan might hope for a big time trade deadline deal to turn the team around and while that is possible it is actually fairly rare that a deadline deal has a major immediate impact on a team. Plus one of their biggest problems since their hot 15-2 start has been inconsistent goaltending and I can assure you that the Senators are unlikely to be able to address that weakness before tomorrow’s trade deadline.

It certainly would have been unbelievable after the first month and a half of the season and even a few weeks ago but if the Senators can’t turn their fortunes and struggle for the next couple weeks they could certainly find themselves on the outside looking in come playoff time.

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  1. I’d say the Sens are still a lock for the playoffs, but the way they’re playing anything past the first round looks like wishful thinking.

    I hope not though – I’d love to see the Sens back in the Cup finals (heresy for a Leaf fan I know)

    BTW – nice website and awesome domain name.

  2. The Sens need roughly 92 points to make the playoffs. They currently have 78, meaning they need 14 points with 19 games remaining. They only need to win 7 of 19… or perhaps go 5-10-4… or something along those lines… and they’d still finish in 9th. Even if they continue to play 4-6-2 over the next 12, that would give them 88 points… needing around 4 points over the last 7 games. I’m pretty sure they’ll make it. Stranger things have happened though.

    P.S. Hossa’s going to Montreal and Richards is landing in Dallas. Montreal 1st in the East, Dallas 1st in the West? Possible, and likely to alter that whole “rarely have a major impact” argument if it does.

  3. The thought crossed my mind a couple of weeks ago, but their chances of not making the playoffs are about equal to the leafs making the playoffs.

    As a leaf fan though I can always hope.

  4. I’d be willing to bet the Sens will make the playoffs. I somehow doubt they will make it past 2nd round though. If you ask me Emery is a distraction. I also don’t think he is talented enough to carry he team to the promised land. Seems like the same old Ottawa Senators to me. Lots of firepower up front but nobody really manning the pipes.

  5. Oh dear. It looks as though the Sens will make the playoffs after all, and the Leafs will miss the playoffs yet again. Keep he flame burning, DJ, one day your boys will make it. One day. (not today)

  6. Admittedly there are too many factors and possibilities, but Ottawa plays Toronto and Boston for their last two games: .

    The good news is both teams have had Ottawa’s number lately: Boston is 3-3-1 against Ottawa. Two of those losses were when Ottawa was a good team.

    While the Leafs are 4-2-1 against Ottawa, again with two of those losses were when Ottawa was a good team!

    Here is the situation for Ottawa. They are competing for four playoff spots against Boston, Phili, Ovechkin, and Carolina. So one of the five won’t make it

    Both Ovechkin and Carolina play weaker teams in Tampa and Florida for their last two games. Lucky for Ovechkin, he gets the tired end of both teams one night after they play Carolina. We can assume Was and Car can win both their games. So they will both end with 94 points each. (Car with 44 wins and Was with 43 wins)

    Phili has a rough road ahead playing Pitsburgh twice and Jersey for their last three games. They must win atleast two to have 95 points.

    Boston plays the Devils, Sens and the Sabres. We hope the Sabres will be deflated and lose. They also need to win two for 95 points *one of the two needs to be the Sens.

    We hope the leafs will play VeTo in net. But lets assume the Leafs lose when it counts (as usual) so Sens will have 94 points with (43 wins)

    The sens next game against the Bruins is the biggest game of the season. The Bruins must win.

    3-Carolina will have 94 (44 wins) Seeded

    6-Phil will have 95
    7-Boston will have 95
    8-Ovechkin will have 94 (43 wins)

    9-Ottawa will have 94 (43 wins)

    Ovechkin beats-out Ottawa because he has a 4-2-0 record against the sens!

    Leaf FANS rejoice! There is a considerable chance that the Sens would miss the playoffs.

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