is Expanding

It’s a big day here because today I get to announce some big plans for the future of Over the last couple of days I have been working on upgrading my blogging software to where I will be able to host multiple blogs. It is not yet 100% ironed out but it is close (thanks to help from the great guys at Canadian Web Hosting, I highly recommend them) and I am ready to announce the first step in what should be some great things for

When I started this website I initially wanted it to be a great resource for hockey fans to come and hang out and discuss the game at a deeper level than what occurs in the general hockey media in hopes that we all get a better understanding of the game. I think to some level I hace achieved that but there is only so much one guy can do in his spare time. So, with that I am looking to expand and the first step in my expansion is to add a Fantasy Hockey section. In doing so I am welcoming to the Hockey Analysis team Ian Fergusson who in conjunction with myself will be in charge of the Fantasy Hockey section of Ian is a long time fantasy hockey writer for before it was bought by ESPN. He started up his own blog at where he continued to discuss fantasy hockey stuff but has now decided to move here and be a part of I am looking forward to working with Ian and hopefully we can bring some interesting fantasy hockey discussion that you will all enjoy. One of the main features that Ian will offer is a fantasy team analysis where he will review your fantasy team and make recommendations on how you could improve it or offer you advice on potnetial trades and roster moves. It should be fun and if you have any suggestions feel free to post a comment or drop Ian or I an e-mail. We always look forward to constructive feedback. Also, if you are a registered user here you should be able to log in using your same username and password at as well.

But this is just the start of the expansion. My short, medium and long term plans are to bring more bloggers into the fold. My hopes are to get one or more bloggers for each and every team in the NHL with each team getting their own subdomain (i.e. You may also find some more generic hockey blogs prop up as well. So, If anyone out there currently operates a blog and is interested in moving their blog to or if you are interested in contributing to a particular team blog here at send me an e-mail (david (at) and we can work out the details.

I should mention that I am looking for established writers who will contribute quality articles on a somewhat regular basis (i.e. once a week) and is in for the long haul. I am not interested in fly by night bloggers and while I will consider new bloggers someone with a blogging track record is preferred. Traffic wise I generate up to 20,000 unique visitors per month (for example, I had over 16,000 in October) and as I grow the offerings this should grow as well so if you have a lower traffic blog this could be a good opportunity to expose your blog to thousands of new readers as every blog will be linked to every other blog.

Down the road I have a few other ideas including a forums section and other interesting stuff and ultimately I want to make this one of the best hockey communities on the web. But despite all these changes you will still find me operating my blog at and you will still find all the great statistics at and the salary cap info (currently here in sidebar but soon to be moved). This truly is an expansion and not a complete change in format.