New Look and more upgrades coming

You have probably already noticed the new look of this blog/website. I think the new look is much cleaner and less cluttered and hopefully is easier on the eyes when reading. If you have any comments/suggestions feel free to post them here. I also want to add that this is probably just the start of the upgrades and I hope to be adding some interesting new stuff in the coming days (and maybe weeks). During this time you may experience site access interruptions but don’t fear, we’ll be back soon enough.

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  1. I like it — particularly the less busy look. OTOH, you have a huge number of links to manage, and many are less accessible and hard to find, being deep down at the bottom of the page.

    You might consider in your next redesign, in putting those links on secondary pages — for example, you could have only one link per team on the RHS of the page.

    But that’s the cost of having so much good stuff on one website…

  2. Yes, that right sidebar is quite long. I am planning on more changes that will include moving the salary stuff to which will remove all those links from the menu. That will shorten it quite a bit.

  3. i like the look a lot and am anxious for more to come.
    i agree that there are a lot of links that can be arranged in other places in other formats.
    i’m looking forward to what more changes are in store.

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