Well, after a couple of days of work I have managed to re-design my stats website which to be honest, was pretty much non-existant and/or non-usable before this update. I have put the power rankings, player rankings, and adjusted hits/giveaways/takeaways, and player on ice/off ice and with/without teammate and against/not against opponent data on that website. In a few days I will migrate much of that off of this blog site and move it there where it will be easier to update which means far more frequent updates.

For the regulars to this website, please head over there and take a look at the new redesigned user interface and let me know what you think of the new look? Do you like it? Anything you want to see changed/improved? I ask because my plan is to use an almost identical look and feel here on my blog. I think by moving much of the stats over there and also using a cleaner page design the page will look significantly less cluttered. Eventually i hope to re-design in a similar way but before I go ahead and put in all that effort feedback from you would be greatly appreciated. I am almost ready to roll out this new design on this blog so if the feedback is positive I may change it over in the next day or two.

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