Steve Downie makes a comeback?

Don’t tell Gary Bettman but it seems Steve Downie has figured out a way to play in the NHL despite his suspension. Not only they he has managed to get 4 assists on 2 goals.

Downie gets 4 assists

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  1. I actually noticed the same issue myself. Yahoo’s box-score system seems to have some glitches… This isn’t actually the first time I’ve seen it happen. I wonder if someone is hacking their system and playing games with the output.

  2. On a similar note, the AP is reporting that Nik Antropov is actually Mats Sundin:

    Alexander Steen scored Toronto’s first goal and had two assists and Mats Sundin added two assists while being largely responsible for shifting the momentum the Maple Leafs’ way after the Penguins kept a 1-0 lead for half the game…

    …The Maple Leafs … tied it at 1 midway through the second when Sundin, whose strong play at both ends created numerous scoring chances, helped set up Steen’s second goal.

    Sundin actually had 1 assist, and it was on Kaberle’s goal. Steen’s goal was off of an Antropov rebound, and Antropov was the player that had 2 assists.

    Gotta love how those journalists ignore the stat sheets and don’t seem to pay too close attention to the game before writing things up for the dailies.

  3. And then this gem from the Canadian Press:

    The Maple Leafs, the league’s worst defensive team after giving up 42 goals in eight games

    They’ve actually given up 42 goals in 11 games. Which isn’t the worst defensive average in the league… Atlanta is 30th now. Why does nobody EDIT any of this stuff before it goes out? It’s all part of a greater c – o – n – spiracy.

  4. I have noticed the Steve Downie thing several times before too but this was particularly interesting as he managed to get 4 assists on 2 goals indicating it isn’t just a mixup of names.

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