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When I read Eklund’s stuff I don’t know whether to laugh or cry (because what he writes is so horrendously rediculous) but today I’ll laugh and make Eklund the Joke of the Day!

From the infamous Eklund on ‘Swing Players’ for the Leafs:

Tony Salmelainen. Someone I trust, who knows Fins better than almost anyone else, tells me that this signing will be the best late summer signing of them all. Tony is a huge talent in the making that just needed a little more time to develop to the North American game.

Someone should let Eklund know that the Tony Salmelainen that the Leafs signed is the same Tony Salmelainen that played 57 games for the Blackhawks last season and impressed them so much that they traded his salary to Montreal for the mega-malcontent known as Sergei Samsonov after which Montreal promptly bought him out of his contract. He is known more as a ‘skilled’ player and if the offensively deprived Blackhawks and Canadiens don’t have any interest in him I wouldn’t expect him to make much of an impact in the NHL any time soon. As for adjusting to the North American game, well, he has played 70 NHL games and 201 AHL games over 4 years so he has had ample time to adjust. At best he is a depth/injury replacement player but more likely than not he spends most of the year with the Marlies.

And if that weren’t enough, here is Eklund’s bold prediction:

Mark Bell nets 35 goals.

His best year is 25 goals and 48 points. Even the most optimistic Leaf fan doesn’t think he is capable of that. I am not even sure Mark Bell thinks he is capable of that.

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  1. I can’t stand reading Eklund.

    1) Does the guy even re-read his stuff before posting? I know it seems beside the point to complain about grammar and spelling, but some of his writing is borderline incomprehensible. That, along with the fact that he reports anything no matter how sketchy, and makes ridiculous predictions, has any serious journalist rolling their eyes.

    2) I don’t care about his family. But I know more about what’s happening with them than any of the remaining UFAs.

    Did you read the post he had yesterday where he has Joe Thornton addressing him as ‘Ek.’ I wouldn’t doubt it if the man is outright lying at this point.

  2. Eklund is certainly not a journalist and I believe his #1 goal is to generate internet traffic and not to write anything based in reality. He makes those stupid comments to get the fanbases of each team all excited so they post comments and come back and read more. And he does have a large readership but he has very little respect among knowledgable hockey fans/bloggers.

  3. Eklund might be retarded. That said, how about these Finns that took some time to adjust to the NHL:

    Olli Jokinen: After 74 NHL games in his first 2 seasons he had a grand total of 21 points and was -15 playing with LA.

    Sami Kapanen: In his first 2 seasons he played 80 games and had a wonderous total of 34 points.

    Jere Lehtinen: played 58 games in his first season and scored 28 points.

    Antii Miettinen: 3 years in and he’s played 169 NHL games. Only has 57 points though, and he’s a -14.

    I just don’t buy the argument that a player is a bust if they’ve been placed in the wrong situations to expect any production. If he’s placed with other offensive talent, the guy scores. He does well on top lines in the AHL. What he doesn’t do is check effectively… so why would Chicago expect him to score whilst playing on 3rd or 4th line duty?

    Give him a chance with skilled forwards and see what he can do. That would be benificial.

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