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It’s a bit late and I apologize for not announcing beforehand so you all could listen live but back on July 16th I did my first radio interview on WCCO 830 News/Talk radio in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. We talked a bit about the big free agent signings as well as the new CBA. You can listen to an mp3 of the interview here. Considering it was my first radio interview I think it went fairly well and I am hoping to do some more once we get into the hockey season.

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  1. Hey, good job David! I was a little surprised you were nice to my Sens and the ex-Sen (Todd White)…


  2. I like Todd White. He plays a smart game and has a pretty good work ethic and plays within his limits. I think at times he was expected to do too much (offensively mostly) in Ottawa but as a two-way second line center he isn’t too bad.

  3. A couple of things about the interview. (I live in the Twin Cities, btw.) The interviewer kept saying that the lockout was to protect the owners from themselves, but it was really to protect some of the owners from some of the other owners. Some teams act very reasonably when it comes to players salaries and others do not, but those irresponsible ones hurt the league. Now, when they act irresponsibly, (as you rightly pointed out) there will be consequences down the line in that they will have strapped their budgets to marginal players; marginal in relation to their salaries anyway. This will open them up to the possibility of losing their RFAs when other savvy GMs see an opening. Philly already has almost $42mm committed for next year with Carter and Richards up as RFAs. I doubt Vancouver is the only team salivating at this situation.

  4. Analysis will be coming soon. Is there anything in particular you are looking for? I’ll do my best to meet any requests.

  5. Naw, just anything. I like your site, and all the other pre-season analyses are killing me. Most don’t seem to understand what they’re doing — “if they added someone, good grades, if they didn’t, bad grades.” Anyone can write that.

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