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I am in the process of updating the salary cap numbers (see menu on the left) for all the teams. I have done several teams and hope to have most of the rest done in the next few days and hopefully keep up with many of the roster moves. Basically if the first year listed is 2007-08 then it has been updated in the past few days. If the first year listed is 2006-07 it has not yet been updated.

As usual, if you find any mistakes (in the recently updated lists) please let me know.

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  1. On the new Canucks chart, Chouinard is listed as being paid a normal salary, plus he has buyout costs listed at the bottom.

  2. Jassen Cullimore was bought out by the Habs, so that’s a $633,333 cap hit this year and next year.

  3. On the Leafs page, you have Staffan Kronwall on the “other players” section.

    TSN reported that he signed a one-way contract so he should be moved up to be included in the team cap figures

  4. Just wanted to say thanks for doing this. As a fan this is the nest site to track cap numbers by far.

  5. I haven’t gotten around to updating the Penguins yet but when I do Staal will be there.

    I have left Kronwall off the Leafs active list because he may not make the team and if he doesn’t his salary won’t count to the cap regardless of whether he is on a one-way (which he is) or two-way contract. I still think the Leafs are going to tinker a bit with their defense and Kronwall will somehow make the team but for now I’ll leave him off.

  6. David, great site. I visit often as a great reference tool. Quick question. When a player signs a contract extension, but still has time left on their old deal, how is that managed? Example, Joe Thornton had 1 year left on his existing contract, but signed a 3 year extension. The Leafs are trying to do something similar with Toskala. Do they complete their old deal with the old cap hit, and then the new deal and cap hit kick in?
    Again, great site.

  7. It gets treated as a new contract and won’t affect the salary cap level of the current contract. So in Thornton’s case his cap hit will be $6.67 million in 2007-08 and $7.2 million the three years after that.

  8. You left Danny Paille off of the Sabres list. By the way, I really like your website. Keep up the good work.

  9. What position do you think the Rangers will finish up in the East and how far in the playoffs do you think they could go.

  10. Hard to say since there will still likely be more roster moves before the season starts but before last season I thought they had the chance to be the best team in the east. But Lundqvist struggled at the start of the season so that didn’t happen. But, if they can get Lundqvist, Avery and Shanahan signed without having to move anyone to free cap space they should have a chance to be the best team in the east again. This is especially true since the Devils, Sabres and to a lesser extent Ottawa have taken a step backwards this summer. How well they do will depend again on Lundqvist as well as whether Jagr can find the right chemistry with either Gomez or Drury.

    Sometime in the week before the regular season starts I’ll post my predictions so drop by then and check them out.

  11. How much longer, do you think, it will take the Rangers to reach an agreement with either Shanhan, Lundqvist, or Avery? More sooner or later?

  12. It’s pretty much anyones guess really. The Rangers are taking Lundqvist to arbitration and I think the last day for arbitration is August 4th or something like that so he either gets signed or gets an arbitration award by then. Who knows on Avery and Shanahan will depend on how long he is willing to wait for the Rangers to figure out how much money they have left for him. I suspect the Rangers would like to get everything resolved within a couple weeks but again, it is anyones guess on how eager the players are to sign (i.e. how hard they want to negotiate).

  13. Does anyone have an idea on when the NHL schedule is going to be released?? I can’t find info about it anywhere!

  14. The NHL schedule should be released in the next few days.

    Gomez has won 2 Stanley Cups and Drury has won one. They have both played in high pressure situations so I am sure they will do fine in New York.

  15. I can’t find anything on how long they signed Lundqvist for and for how much. Do you have any idea?

  16. Depends on what Lundqvist was asking for in a long term contract. The Rangers probably didn’t want to spend more than $4.25 million in cap space this season and Lundqvist was probably asking for more on a long term deal so they settled on a one year deal. They will probably agree on a long term deal next spring or summer probably in the $5.5-6 million per season range.

  17. I would think that the Rangers will lock up Henke with a long term deal next year. I’m very pleased with what Sather did so far. By my reckoning it looks like the Rangers have about $5.5M in cap space for this season (if you defer almost all of the $2.8M Shanahan is due in bonuses to next year’s cap).

    They could still trade Paul Mara, assuming Marc Staal wins a job, for a further $3M in cap savings (minus whatever comes back in return and Staal’s salary) And Matt Cullen will probably be dealt at some point freeing up, up to $2.8M this year and the next 2 years.

    That money saved could be given to Henke, along with any other vets they decide not to bring back after this coming season (Malik, Straka, Mara)

    Again, good job Glen Sather, he really redeemed himself over the past 3 years. The only major loss from this team looks like it will be Ortmeyer and Nylander but Nylander has already been replaced and then some.

  18. Both Gomer and Drury are 2nd tier stars getting top tier money. It’s ridiculous! If Sather wants a winner, he should find a reasonable couple of defensemen. They’re never going to win with the crew they have now.

  19. I think this D corps matches up really well with these forwards.

    Malik, Roszival, Girardi and Mara all make excellent break-out passes, that’s all that’s needed on a team with this much talent up front.

    This team doesn’t need a D to fill up the net 15 to 20 times. They just need guys who are steady and play sound D. All of their Ds except for Mara and Pock are very good in their own zone. Maybe they don’t have flashy names like Pronger and Niedermayer or Redden and Phillips, but I think this is one of the better all around (except for goal scoring) D groups in the league.

    Add to that a top 5 GK in Henke and the Rangers are in great shape.

    Clearly the class of the East with Pitt and Ottawa close second.

  20. Chris very intelligent comment. I wonder why Al would say that Drury and Gomez are 2nd tier
    stars? What is an exaple of a 1st tier star in his view? I see these guys as top tier talent. I would question the Rangers in banking on Staal being the flashy name of the future for D but I kbow that all 4 Staal brothers say Marc is the most physical and competitve of the crew.

  21. Well compare Drury to Joe Thornton. Now there is 2 different tiers!

    Good point on the Rangers’ D, Chris. But it really wouldn’t hurt the Rangers to have 1 go-to offensive D-man would it?
    At the same time, who did the Canes have when they won the Cup?

    David, thanks for this site. I refer to it all the time.

    How the heck is the Fourth Period saying that the Rangers are over the cap right now? Are they including Kasper’s contract?

  22. It’s possible that they are including Kasparitis’s contract and it is also possible that they are including all of Shanahan’s bonus money, which will only count against this years cap if it can fit. Whatever can’t fit will count towards next years.

    As for Drury and Gomez, they aren’t among the elite players in the NHL, but they are close. Drury doesn’t have the offensive ability to be an elite player but he brings a lot of other stuff to the game. Gomez is better offensively but doesn’t bring as much else to the game as Drury. Both excellent players, but not really top 20 players.

  23. I will agree that almost everyone would take Thornton over Drury but to not have him in the top 20– I respectful disagree wtih that comment even though you forgot more hockey than I will ever learn. As for Gomez- yes but watch what happens this season to him– there will be no middle of the road for him it is going to be all out record season or an ugly one for him. The king will be signed for one of the two contracts stated below
    4yrs-6million per
    5yrs-5.5million per

  24. Chris Drury has never had a 70 point season despite playing on some of the best offensive teams (Colorado, Buffalo). Last year 44 players had 70 point years.

    St. Louis

    The above are all easily better than Drury. These guys below are probably a bit better than him.

    H. Sedin
    D. Sedin

    That’s 25 forwards I’d probably take over Drury and I can probably also mention 10+ defensemen and 10+ goalies I’d take before him. If you need more evidence consider that he has never played in an NHL all-star game.

  25. I see your point and have done some looking into on the players you mentioned. I would guess that you meant 70 points and not goals in your first comment. All 25 players that you said you take over Drury are better players and have been to at least one all star game but out of the 25 player list I counted 8 Cup winners. I want cup winning experience not all star games. In my perspective I see Drury do things that you can’t put on a stat sheet (ie Game five playoffs vs rangers– not only does he win the face off– he goes directly to net on the side where the highest percentage of a rebound could be and scores. I see only 2 maybe 4 players on that list of 25 that would and could do what he did.

  26. Yes, I meant points. I’ve fixed it.

    There is no doubt that Drury is a very good player. He does a lot of things well but when it comes down to it he is either a second-tier first line player or a really good second line player. If he is the best forward on your team you are not likely going to be considered a top cup contender. He is probably worth closer to $5-5.5 million than $7 million. But with that said, he should be a good complement to the Rangers more skilled players.

  27. Hey david, so chris drury never hit the 70 point mark. SO what? First of all, he had 69 points last season in 77 games. If he had played a full season, don’t u think he could have picked up 1 point in 5 games. He could have had 70-75 points then. 2nd of all, Chris Drury had 37 goals last season. 13 players had more goals. ANd only 7 of those players that had more points than drury had more goals than him. Thirdly, the most important point to note, everyone in hockey today, clearly the fans, love to look at point totals. If you only look at point production, then yes Drury is not in the top 10 in the league. However, Drury gets down to block shots, hits even despite not having the biggest frame, and ALWAYS brings the effort, which cannot be said about many guys that are in both the top 15 in goals.

    However, your point that he did play on very offensively gifted teams does make sense, but watching alot of buffalo games, I realized he was all over the place, coming back, supporting the Defence and makes sure that the situation was under control at both ends of the ice. Thats y he was the captain, and thats y I think the buffalo sabres will really really miss him. Briere never in my eyes = Drury. Dany had 95 pts. Thats good. But Drury has passion written all over him, and I know the rangers will feed off his leadership, grit, blocked shots, hits, goals, and overall toughness in big import parts in the game. Rangers will compete with the penguins for the Atlantic title. The top 5 in the east will be: Ottawa, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh, Buffalo (if healthy), and maybe tor or phili or NJ

  28. You make some good points on Drury. Sure, he could have reached 72-74 points had he played all the games but that is his career year. His best year offensively ever would be 73 points on the best offensive team in the NHL. That is still not great. He is a good offensive player, but not a great one. Defensively, he is better than many of the offensive stars in the NHL but he still had one of the worst +/- ratings on the Sabres in each of the past 2 seasons (combined -10) and on his career he is only a +13 despite playing on some very good teams. As far as hits go, last year he had 28 compared to Briere’s 33 (neither very good) and the year before he had 31. He is not a physical player.

    Again, Drury is a good player and I’d never object to having him on my team, only I’d want him at $5-5.5 million, not $7 million.

  29. David, ever think of making an ‘underrated’ list of players? I’d put Rosival at the top of that list. He really surprised me last year.

    btw, I like your site too. And Gomer should be playing with Jagr. No doubt about it.

  30. Good suggestion Ninja. Maybe sometime this summer I’ll create underrated and overrated lists. Just thinking of some of the names that might make it to the overrated list might surprise some people.

  31. Hey there.

    Noticed on the Canucks salary chart that you have Bourdon listed for only two years. As he played only 9 games last year, doesn’t he still have 3 years left on his contract?

  32. I think Mr. Johnson made my point about Drury and Gomez; thank you. I will add that Drury had his finest offensive year in a UFA contract year; good for him, he cashed it in.

    There’s no reason to think he’s going to be a point/game guy after age 30 as he has never been one before that age. He’s getting that kind of money. I love Drury, but I also love Mike Fisher and I wouldn’t pay him 7 million either.

    What I don’t like about the Rangers’ defensemen is how slow they are as a unit. They don’t have to put in 25 goals but they do need to pick up their skates and move 10 feet to stop someone.

  33. Al I agree with both Mr. Johnson and you that Drury is overpaid by the Rangers and he is of second tier talent but it comes into play of what your or my defintion of first tier talent really is. I still consider him a person of first tier talent. I know he has never been to an allstar game– In my view I see Drury do things game after game that only a select few of the first tier list that Mr Johnson put together would be able to do. He is not worth 7 million but I would take him over most of those first tier talents because if he is not scoring he is doing something that a vast majority of those first tier talents cannot do.
    Your observation on the Rangers D is a great point but if you go back and look from the 2000 season to 2004 the Rangers finished in the bottom 10 of the league in GA over those 4 seasons. From the previous 2 season the Rangers finished in the top 10 for GA. I believe the Rangers defense is great at postional play– most likely in the top five over the past 2 seasons and the stats prove just that. They maybe slow but that hasn’t proven to be an issue over the last two season.
    The rangers defense needs a person with a shot on PP that can hit the net consistently to make the other teams PK defend the points more than just going down low or over playing Jargs/Shanny one timers.

  34. The Rangers won’t win the East, let alone the Cup. Their offensive talent will be a driving force up front but they aren’t particularly sound defensively as a forward group.

    Their D men have the exact opposite problem in that they’re great stay at home types, but they have little to contribute offensively.

    Lundqvist is amazing and he’s probably the true star of the franchise.

    Drury and Gomez cashed in by being 2 of the top 3 Free agent forwards available, basically since none of the “first-tier” talent makes it to market (note the Thornton signing). Think of it this way. The Lightning are spending $19.92 million on Lecavalier, Richards, and St. Louis this year, but the Rangers are spending $19.35 million on Jagr, Drury, and Gomez. Which trio would I prefer at that price tag? Probably the Lightning.

    The Avs are paying Sakic, Smyth, and Hejduk $16.9 million next year, again I’d prefer that trio. San Jose is paying Thornton, Marleau, and Cheechoo $13.832 million, prefer them too. Calgary is paying Iginla, Tanguay, Langkow, and Conroy a combined $17.14 million, I’d take those 4 over the Rangers top 3.

    Basically what I’m saying is, the Rangers are WAY overpaying for their new top 2 forwards. Yes they’ve won cups, and yes they’ve performed in the playoffs, but neither one was the “go-to” guy the years they won Stanley’s mug… and anytime they were… their teams didn’t succeed.

  35. Drury has a “special will”, I would say. I don’t think he deserves Ryan Smyth’s money, but I think that would be more reasonable as they have many of the same intangible qualities and Smyth is a better scorer. I don’t think Drury does things that other CANNOT, but he does things that many DO NOT. There’s no question that he is valuable. He has the knack for big goals like few others, he excels in the playoffs and he plays great defense. He’s still a 60 point player making 7 million. I don’t think the other less tangible qualities bring him to the salary level he’s getting. My biggest point in all of this is that I believe the Rangers would have been better off upgrading their defense with that money, but given the crop of dmen available this year, that may not even have been a possibility for them. I will admit when I went to look at the GAA for last year, I was surprised at how good it was. Lundqvist makes up for a lot of other deficiencies, to be sure.

    Let’s switch gears here a bit:

    Who thinks Crosby did the Penguins a favour by signing for “only” 8.7 million/year? I find this supposition to be preposterous. I think it’s a bit pollyanna-ish to believe that the salary cap is going to continue to rise at the pace it’s gone up these past couple years. When it comes time to sign Malkin, Staal and Fleury to long-term contracts, the Pens are going to struggle to find room for them and maintain a certain level of quality throughout their roster. I think the contracts that Thornton and Iginla signed are their recognition that you cannot win cups by absorbing too much of your team’s cap and that is the ultimate sign of leadership.

    Crosby had the opportunity, even more than the other stars, to follow this example especially when you consider the money he makes from endorsements. It’s not like the difference between 6 million and 9 million in salary is going to make much of a difference in his life but it may well make the difference between winning a Cup or not winning a Cup. If he really wants to win Cups, then he should have been more generous with his “favour”, in my estimation.

  36. Steve- Talk to a fan of the Sabers and of the Avs. The one player they miss the most is Drury more so for the Avs fan but after this season a Sabers fan will really see and feel his loss. I never heard of any team winning the Stanley cup or there conference in July becasue of free agent pick ups but I feel that the Rangers are in the top three to win the east and go deep into the playoffs. I would take this trio over your examples but if it was a price senstive case than you point is valid.

    Al- Great comment on Drury Cannot/do not statement. GAA for the Rangers is shocking over the last 2 seasons but you are right on about the King– he is the reason why that number is so good for them.
    On Pitt and Crosby the NHL has a 5% assumed increase for the cap every year but that will not happen each and every year– it maybe less than 5% or no increase at all. My guess is the cap will stay in the range it is in now or drop down to 46-48 per year for the next 7 years. Crosby will win the cup in the next 3 years and I see Pitt as the team to beat for years and years to come once they fix there keeper situation but can you really ask the best NHL player to take less money?

  37. I don’t think the Pens should have asked him to take less; I think he should have offered to take less. The Pens are fine on cap space now, but they are going to have to pony up for Staal, Malkin and Fleury if they want to keep them and they’re still remarkably weak on defense. Their defense was abysmal last year and the only difference this year is a 35 year old Sydor. There have been teams that have won the Cup on offensive ability alone, but not lately. I don’t see domination for this team unless they fix that issue. They have Letang in the wings but he’s an offensive guy as well. They can dip into free agency to get a couple defensive guys, but that’s going to eat cap space.

    They won’t win the Cup this year with the roster they’re icing. If they improve the defense next year, maybe they can win it. The following year, Staal and Malkin will be wanting big bucks and that’s where it gets dicey, cap-wise for them.

  38. I think people underestimate the Rangers defense – no they’re not power play monsters, but they are reasonably good at moving the puck. Paul Mara could have a nice rebound year for them. The real problem with the Rangers’ defense is that they don’t have anyone who makes life miserable for opposing forwards.

    The Rangers are the best team in the East on paper without question. They now have a 2 year window to win the Stanley Cup.

    As for Crosby, I think it’s difficult to realize how much pressure the NHLPA puts on players to get the most money possible. You realize that if Crosby gets 6 million, that it would be very difficult for any player of RFA age to get more than that through arbitration. And the Penguins are never going to be able to hold Malkin and Crosby past their UFA age – not with Whitney and Fleury also around.

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