I had been planning on doing this for a while but finally got around to it the past few days. I have set up a new subdomain at where I am going to post all sorts of statistics. The first statistics are for the 2006-07 season and contain team goals for and against data for players while that player was on the ice. If you then click on a players name you can find out who that player has played with and against and how much ice time they played together or against each other. Also contained in the tables are goals for and against while that pair is on the ice together or one the ice playing against each other.

For example, we can take a look at Bryan McCabe and even strength goal production while he is on the ice with teammates. From that table you will see that McCabe has played the most even strength ice time (520:46) with Tomas Kaberle and during the time they were on the ice together the Leafs gave up 25 goals or 0.960 goals per 20 minutes. We can then compare that to how well each player performs when they are not playing together. McCabe played 867:41 even strength minutes when Kaberle was not on the ice and in that time 34 goals were given up by the Leafs for a rate of 0.784 per 20 minutes. Similarly, Kaberle played 682:30 at even strength without McCabe and during that time the Leafs gave up 31 goals for a rate of .908 goals per 20 minutes. In other words, McCabe seemed to perform much better defensively when not with Kaberle and Kaberle performed slightly better defensively when not with McCabe (or maybe they both played with better defensive defense partners). With that knowledge, one might want to consider if playing these two guys together is the best option. A similar analysis can be done with goals for statistics when playing with each of his teammates as well as defense and offense when playing against various opponents.

Note: These statistics are available for every player who played a game in the NHL last season except for goalies. Goalies are currently not included but I hope to add some data for them in the future as well as other player data.

Note 2: If you want to browse these statistics the best place to start off is <a href="“>at the index.

Note 3: These numbers are used fairly significantly in my player rankings algorithm.

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  1. Fantastic resource, this in combination with Vic Ferrari’s head to head minutes website to get a look at quality of opposition give a fantastic impression of how players were used/how sucessful they were.

    The last 2yrs or so has seen a parade of amazing sites for statistical analysis. Behind the Net, Chrome Nukes Hockey Numbers, this, Vic Ferrari’s aforemtnioned page and a couple others.

  2. Hey thanks for this,
    I’ve always wanted a good stats resource page.
    This really makes having arguments about how good
    teams and players are easier when you can back
    them up with the hard facts.
    I’m intrigued by the line combo information, because its alway interesting to see if a player is doing well on his own, or due to being on the ice with other players.

    thanks again for the great effort

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