Random Things you may not know

Here are just some random observations about the NHL that you may not realize.

1. The Nashville Predators currently have no players with more than 25 goals while the Washington Capitals have three.

2. Dallas is the only team with a defenseman leading the points race with Sergei Zubov leading the way. Another defenseman, Philippe Bouche, is second.

3. Shane Doan currently leads the Phoenix Coyotes with 47 points, the lowest of any NHL team.

4. The Philadelphia Flyers have used 47 different players this season and 33 of them have played at least 10 games.

5. Kyle Calder was a -31 with 21 points while playing 59 games for the Philadephia Flyers. With Detroit he is a +7 with 10 points in 8 games. What a turn around.

6. Vincent Lecavalier has 48 goals and 94 points so far this season to set new career bests. His previous career bests were 35 goals and 78 points.

7. Marc-Edouard Vlasic of the San Jose Sharks leads all rookies with 21:58 minutes of ice time per game.

8. Jordan Staal not only leads the NHL with 7 short handed goals, he also leads the NHL in shooting percentage scoring on 25.9% of the shots he takes.

9. David Vborny has scored 68.8% of his points on home ice despite playing an equal number of games on the road as at home.

10. Miroslav Satan has scored 64% of his points on the road.

11. 71.9% of Sheldon Souray’s points have come on the power play and another 5.3% have come short handed leaving just 22.8% of Souray’s 57 points coming even strength.

12. The Buffalo Sabres have been out shot 36 times this season but are 23-9-4 in those games.

13. Tampa, Buffalo and Minnesota lead the NHL with 10 shoot out wins each while Carolina has yet to win a shoot out. No wonder Carolina can’t catch Tampa in the standings.

14. Atlanta has the best shootout shooting percentage scoring 12 goals on 21 shots for 57.1%. Carolina has just 1 goal on 17 shots for 5.9%. Ouch.

15. Tampa goalies have a phenominal .936 save % in shootouts stopping 44 of 47 shots but only have a league worst .886 save percentage during regular play. How does that happen?

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  1. Calder’s turnaround might have a lot to do with surrounding players.

    Montreal is dead in the water without Souray’s points on the PP.

    Buffalo being consistently out shot and still winning is a bit alarming. If anything happens to Miller they’re toast as well.

    Tampa’s luck in the shoot out won’t mean much in the playoffs, unfortunately for Carolina their lack of luck might keep them OUT of the playoffs.

    I’d expect the goaltending differential for Tampa between actual hockey and in shootouts will help them implode in the post season.

    Shootouts blow.

  2. Did you also know that Jordan Staal’s 7 short handed goals are more than all rookies combined?


  3. With Tampa shining in both aspects of the shoot-out, I’d say the team a.) has the talent to be effective and b.) is practising the art. Luck has nothing to do with it.

    Who are the most frequent shooters for Tampa? Vinny, St.Louis and Richards I would assume. I’d guess they don’t go beyond the first three shooters much, either.

  4. Actually, Tampa’s shooters are nothing special in the shootout.

    St. Louis 4/9
    Lecavalier 4/11
    Richards 4/11
    Prospal 1/4
    Tarnasky 1/1
    No one else has a goal

    Overall they are 14/47 for 29.8% which is good for 19th best in the NHL.

    Tampa has won the shootouts because for some unexplainable reason Tampa’s goaltenders have only allowed 3 goals on 47 shots. But clearly, that top notch goaltending in the shootout isn’t an indication of quality goaltending during the game.

  5. Wow, that is really surprising. I would’ve thought the shooters were exceptional and in effect were giving the Tampa goal tenders better practice experience.

  6. Ok, while you should concede that the Lightning’s top shooters aren’t “exceptional” in the Shoot Out given the percentages the following stat is interesting. Of the 9 SO wins the Lightning have, Lecavalier and St. Louis have each scored the winning goal 3 times. Richards has won it once. The other two were Dimitri Afanasenkov (who is now on Philly) and Nick Tarnasky (who?). So yes their goaltending is clutch but so are their top shooters. Also in regular OT, a predominance of their winners are scored by Lecavalier, and St. Louis. This would seem obvious given their ranks in the scoring race, but considering their record in the extra period(s) it’s worth noting.

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