Ottawa's streaky offense.

The Ottawa Senators have to have one of the streakiest offenses in the NHL in recent years.

First 6 games: 10 goals, 1.67 goals/game
Next 3 games: 21 goals, 7.00 goals/game
Next 4 games: 8 goals, 2.00 goals/game
Next 15 games: 60 goals, 4.00 goals/game
Next 13 games: 29 goals, 2.23 goals/game
Next 7 games: 38 goals, 5.42 goals/game
Next 7 games: 15 goals, 2.14 goals per game (2 of these goals were empty net goals)

That is up and down offense if I ever saw it and that is one thing Ottawa is going to need to straighten out if they want to make a serious playoff run. Scoring ~2 goals/game for significant stretches of time is not going to cut it. It cost them last year when they stopped scoring against Buffalo and it has cost them in previous playoffs as well. That is putting way too much pressure on your goalie even if Emery continues to play great.

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  1. This is a good peaice. HOWEVER, you do not understand hockey. Ottawa went through a strech without spezza and wanted to play strong Defence.

  2. That was a good comment. However, you apparently don’t watch the Senators. Spezza wasn’t playing when they scored 38 goals in 7 games but played 5 of the 7 games in which they scored just 15 goals. Spezza also played when they scored 10 goals in 6 games, when they scored 8 goals in 4 games, and a significant portion (8 games) of when they scored just 29 goals in 13 games.

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