More Bettman haters

Hopefully we’ll start to see far more of this written in the main stream media and hopefully the hockey governors will begin to listen and finally realize that Bettman must go.

Dan Wetzel writes:

There has never been a commissioner of a major North American sports league this inept, yet the league’s board of governors keeps employing him, keeps giving him another chance to sink this once-proud, once-vibrant league to new depths.

He goes on to talk about how the schedule was set up to create new rivalries but in the process killed key rivalries like Toronto-Detroit. And on the new rivalries Wetzel had this to say:

And, since fighting has been curbed, the “new” rivalries haven’t really taken because a hockey rivalry without fighting is like non-alcoholic beer.

That pretty much sums it up. Bettman is a disaster for hockey and he must go.

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  1. “nd, since fighting has been curbed, the “new” rivalries haven’t really taken because a hockey rivalry without fighting is like non-alcoholic beer.”

    IMO rivalries arent formed by fights, but by playoff series. its hard to generate new rivalries nowadays because theres so many teams theres few chances to play the same teams in the playoffs. look at ottawa toronto. there would be barely any rivalry between these 2 teams had they not met in the playoffs god knows how many times. same with montreal boston thback in 2002 and the year after that. edmonton dallas have a rivalry because of their playoff series. other than that the only other way to form rivalries is when 2 teams are in close proximity, ie florida tampa, new york and the isles, calgary edmonton, the california teams etc, but those arent exactly “intense”.

  2. I agree somethat. It isn’t the fights that create rivalries it is the intensity and passion of the game. Hard hits, battles along the boards, battles in front of the net and yes fights all make up that intensity and passion. A lot of the battles along the boards and in front of the nets has been taken out of the game, as well as fighting. Playing in the playoffs certainly helps develop rivalries too, but that is because there is intensity and passion in those series. Problem is, it isn’t what it used to be (remember the Avalanche-Red Wings series?) and the intensity and passion is all but gone in the regular season.

  3. David, have you been asleep?

    These articles have been written in the US and Canada for 10 years by hateful hockey writers – maybe they hear all their journalist colleagues spit on the sport with such impunity that they do it too.

    Battles on the boards aren’t out of the game – it’s just that no one thought they were necessary until they were mostly removed. Fighting is a sideshow at this point and probably isn’t coming back in any significant way.

    The Avalanche-Red Wings’ rivalry was partly borne out of a brutal check delivered by Claude Lemieux – surely you’re not arguing for such goonery to return to hockey, right? Kris Draper is lucky he ever skated again, much less played 11 more NHL seasons.

    I’ll take this game over the early in the decade product, where tackling was common, and it was slashes, cross-checks, and slow action all game. I do think they need to get the physical play back in the game somewhat, but not at the expense of the new rules.

  4. Certainly there have been some articles written about Bettman but there has never been any serious ground swell of articles talking about Bettman’s overall incompetence. For gosh sakes, some people last week were defending him. Considering how he has all but driven this league into a hole I am shocked that there hasn’t been any significant uprising amongst the media or the fans against Bettman. There has been significant criticism of how the league has been run, but the number of people writing about Bettman himself and his personal incompetence is far less.

    I don’t know how old you are but in the early 1990’s hockey was an intense, physical sport with a ton more scoring than there is now. The top scoring team in the NHL this year is Buffalo and they are on pace for ~290 goals. In 1992-93 there were 14 teams with over 300 goals. Back then you had to work for your goals. There were intense battles along the boards and in front of the nets. It was good hockey back then and hockey was growing in the U.S. In Chicago hockey was at least, if not more popular than basketball. It’s gone down hill ever since in every aspect of the game, on and off the ice.

    Oh, and if you want slow action, how abotu calling a penalty every 3 minutes. I am not sure if you know this but power plays are actually very boring to watch. They are not really great entertainment as it is most often just the PP unit passing the puck around the periphery waiting for a decent shot after which the opposing team dumps it down the ice and we then have to watch them skate back to retrieve it. It’s generally not exciting hockey and can be slow and dull.

    Most hockey fans complain about the all-star game being bad hockey. Skilled but not all that interesting to watch. It amazes me that the NHL seems to want to make the real games more like that, only with far less talented players on each team. No wonder it is going to be a collosal failure.

    Bettman has to go. He is incompetent and is ruining the NHL and I really really want to see more and more hockey writers write exactly that. Not just criticize the NHL, but point fingers at Bettman (and other owners, governors, etc.). Until then there won’t be much pressure on the owners to replace Bettman because sometimes owners get to like incompetent puppets (see the CFL as another example).

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