Game Predictions – 1/16/2007

I can’t believe that January is already half over but the calendar says it is the 16th so it must be. There are a lot of games tonight but not too many real quality ones as a lot of the lesser teams are playing. That said, there are a few games between teams battling for a playoff spot. Toronto-Tampa and Edmonton-Minnesota being the prime examples.

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
Pittsburgh -169 NY Islanders 141 Pittsburgh Strong
Atlanta -190 Los Angeles 147 Atlanta Strong
Montreal 126 Vancouver -136 Vancouver Good
Ottawa -142 Washington 129 Ottawa Good
New Jersey -153 NY Rangers 135 New Jersey Good
Tampa Bay 116 Toronto -119 Toronto Some
Florida 100 Carolina -100 Carolina Some
Minnesota -123 Edmonton 119 Minnesota Some
Chicago -130 Columbus 123 Chicago Some
Anaheim -306 St. Louis 167 Anaheim Strong