Game Predictions – 1/15/2007

It is Martin Luther King day in the U.S. so there are several afternoon games today. That means if you have the day off and have NHL Center Ice you can watch NHL hockey from Noon to approximately 12:30am when the late game ends. That’s a lot of hockey but there are some good games today. The first game has Tampa facing the Islanders and both these teams are in a tough fight for the final playoff spot or two in the east. Next up is a traditional rivalry between Buffalo and Boston. The two 4:00 games aren’t that interesting as three of the 4 teams don’t look to be playoff contenders but at 6:00 Calgary and Nashville should be a stellar game. At 7:00 we have an original 6 matchup between Detroit and Montreal which is always worth watching and the late game has Colorado facing San Jose which should be good as well. So, are any of you going to watch 12 hours of hockey today?

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
NY Islanders -115 Tampa Bay 113 NY Islanders Some
Boston 104 Buffalo -104 Buffalo Some
Dallas -161 Los Angeles 138 Dallas Good
Phoenix -152 St. Louis 134 Phoenix Good
Nashville -118 Calgary 115 Nashville Some
Detroit -154 Montreal 135 Detroit Good
San Jose -171 Colorado 141 San Jose Good