Game Predictions – 12/14/2006

Here are the predictions for tonights games. The game to watch tonight I think is Ottawa at Nashville. This could be a very fun game to watch as both teams have a fair bit of skill. I like Nashville to win. The Boston-New Jersey game could be quite good too. Phoenix has played a bit better the last couple weeks but I am surprised that they are the predicted winner against Columbus. I think Columbus will likely win that game.

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
Boston -117 New Jersey 114 Boston Some
Buffalo -189 Florida 147 Buffalo Strong
Montreal -151 Tampa Bay 133 Montreal Good
Nashville -140 Ottawa 128 Nashville Good
Chicago 123 Detroit -131 Detroit Good
Dallas -142 NY Rangers 129 Dallas Good
Edmonton -136 Minnesota 126 Edmonton Some
Phoenix -130 Columbus 123 Phoenix Some
Vancouver -107 Calgary 107 Calgary Some
San Jose -182 Los Angeles 145 San Jose Strong