NHL Predictions – 11/30/2006

We have a pretty full schedule of games tonight though none of them I would call being good rivalry games. Atlanta-Toronto could be interesting as they had some animosity going towards each other last year. Toronto has also had a lot of success against the Thrashers to Atlanta being designated the favourite by the algorithm might not be the best choice. In a very tight northwest division (all teams within 4 points of each other) the Edmonton-Colorado game becomes a fairly important game as well.

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
Boston -126 Tampa Bay 121 Boston Some
Washington -137 Dallas 127 Washington Good
Carolina -115 Montreal 113 Carolina Some
Atlanta -125 Toronto 120 Atlanta Some
Ottawa -144 Florida 130 Ottawa Good
NY Islanders -305 Philadelphia 167 NY Islanders Strong
St. Louis 117 Nashville -120 Nashville Some
Edmonton -173 Colorado 142 Edmonton Good
Phoenix -105 Los Angeles 105 Los Angeles Some
Vancouver 114 Anaheim -116 Anaheim Good