Game Predictions – 11/22/2006

A near full set of games tonight as only 2 teams aren’t in action (NY Rangers, Edmonton).  Despite that there aren’tmany real high quality games.  Toronto-Buffalo games are often quite interesting so that game might be good to watch and Dallas-Nashville should be quite good.  Atlanta-Washington has the potential to be good as both teams have some top end talent and good to great goaltending.  Vancouver-Detroit could provide some good hockey as well.

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
Buffalo -157 Toronto 136 Buffalo Good
Philadelphia 138 Ottawa -163 Ottawa Good
Washington -106 Atlanta 106 Atlanta Some
Columbus -112 St. Louis 111 Columbus Some
Montreal -163 Minnesota 138 Montreal Good
NY Islanders -129 Carolina 122 NY Islanders Some
Detroit -179 Vancouver 144 Detroit Strong
Pittsburgh -113 Boston 111 Pittsburgh Some
Florida -124 Tampa Bay 119 Florida Some
Dallas -137 Nashville 127 Dallas Some
Colorado 118 Anaheim -123 Anaheim Good
Calgary -207 Chicago 151 Calgary Strong
Phoenix 137 New Jersey -160 New Jersey Good
San Jose -203 Los Angeles 150 San Jose Strong