Game Predictions – 11/16/2006


 Wow.  What a night last night.  Four of the bottom 5 teams in the east won and 3 of them defeated one of the top 5 or 6 teams in the league.  Quite a night for significant upsets.  Here are the predictions for tonights games.  To too many real important or exciting rivalry games.  Toronto-Boston might be good and Minnesota-Nashville should be good but I really can’t get too excited over Chicago-Phoenix.

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
Boston 124 Toronto -133 Toronto Good
Florida -124 Montreal 119 Florida Some
Nashville 114 Minnesota -116 Minnesota Some
Edmonton -220 St. Louis 154 Edmonton Strong
Phoenix -115 Chicago 113 Phoenix Some
Los Angeles -264 Philadelphia 162 Los Angeles Strong


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  1. I notice that the columns on the right superimpose over the middle of the page so that part of your centre column is cut off.

  2. Hmmm. It looks fine here. What web browser are you using? What screen resolution are you running at?

  3. I am using Firefox with 800 X 600 resolution which is the way I like it. It works fine with a lot of websites except the ones that are going to this wider format.

  4. If I right click and ‘view page in External Application’, then I can see all of it by scrolling across. Otherwise, the boxes on the right line up beside your predicted winner and eliminate your ‘confidence’ column.

  5. Did anything change by my tweak or is it the same as yesterday?

    What version of firefox are you using? I’d like to recreate what you are seeing but I can’t seem to.

  6. What changed is that the columns on the right are not partly superimposed on your ‘confidence’ column but cover it entirely, lining up with the right side of the ‘predicted winner’ column.

    I am using the latest version of Firefox but with 800 X 600 resolution if you are attempting to reproduce it.

  7. I have a question for the hockey experts regarding nhl contracts. Sorry I was unsure as to where I should post my question as the team salary pages no longer have a “leave a comment” option.
    On a rookies contract say 3 year 850 grand a year maximum I believe. If there is a signing bonus like in Luc Bourdons case and other rookies around the league, how does the signing bonus effect the salary cap hit, if at all?
    Also what about signing bonus’ on veterans contracts? How do you then calculate the cap hit on their contracts too? Does it differ from rookies?
    Looking forward to a reply.

  8. Good question. I am not 100% sure but my guess is that it is averaged over the term of the contract. So if a guy signs a 3 year contract for $800,000 per year and a $150,000 signing bonus the salary cap hit would be $850,000 each year. If I get time today I’ll see if I can confirm this by browsing the CBA.

  9. I know that Jason Allisons bonuses last year would have counted against the cap just that past year. The leafs had to keep an extra two mil under the cap in case he got them.

  10. The main differences between bonus payments and regular salaries is that the team has the option of bumping them to the next season, up to I believe 7% of the salary cap. So for example last year the Red Wings had to pay Steve Yzerman bonus money, but it would have bumped them over the cap. They deferred those payments to this year, meaning they’re working with an effective 43.65 million cap or so (his bonus payment was about $350,000). The bonus payments can only be moved forward once.

  11. There are two types of bonuses. Signing bonuses and performance bonuses (only rookies and veterens coming off injuries can get these). Since signing bonuses are known quantities they must be accounted for in a teams salary projections. My guess is they get spread over the term of the contract.

    As for performance bonuses, they are applied to the year they are earned, unless it puts a team over the cap. In that case they get applied to the next season. Since Yzerman’s performance bonus would have taked the Red Wings over the cap last year, the part that didn’t fit under last years cap gets applied to this years. It isn’t really a choice of the teams, just the way it works.

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