Talk about return on investment…

The Anaheim Ducks made 3 interesting moves today. First they sent Stanislav Chistov to the Bruins for a 3rd round pick. No big deal there. The second move was to trade Todd Fedoruk to the Flyers for a 4th round pick. What’s interesting here is that the Ducks traded a second round pick to the Flyers for Fedoruk prior to last season. Not a good investment there.

But the real interesting deal was the Ducks trading a second round pick to the Avalanche for George Parros. What is interesting here is that just 6 weeks or so ago the Avalanche picked up Parros off waivers from Los Angeles. So over the course of 6 weeks the Avalanche turned a waiver claim into a second round pick. That is a pretty good return on investment for the Avalanche. Makes you wonder what Parros did during that time. Well, he played 2 games, got zero points and was a -1 with 0 PIMs. My only comment is wow, what were the Ducks thinking.

Oh, as a related note that Eklund guy had this headline on his blog this morning “The First MAJOR Move to be Made? Look To Colorado”. Does this classify as a major move?

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  1. Realistically, Anaheim is trading junk for junk. Spare players for spare draft picks. If the new spare part fits better than the old one it doesn’t matter if they slightly overspent for it or not – it was still cheap.

    Its equivalent to paying $10 for a McDonalds value meal. Its more than you need to spend but it will not hurt most budgets and if you are really really hungry and want a Big Mac you might do it someday.

    Techincally you are correct that they spent too much – but it probably wont matter in the long term.

  2. Burke isn’t that good a GM – but really he traded Fedoruk for Parros and to move all the way down through the 3rd round. His 2nd round pick figures to be last in the draft, and Philadelphia’s 4th figures to be first.

    So while the deal is not so bad from Anaheim’s perspective, Colorado gets a 3rd round pick for free.

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