NHL Game Predictions – 11/6/2006

Here are the predictions for tonights games. The two games out west might be the most entertaining games to watch but the eastern conference games have some intrigue as well. Ottawa looks to break out of their slump against Washington and Philadelphia looks to break out of their slump against Toronto. Both Ottawa and Philadelphia have been playing well below expectations and one has to wonder when they are going to figure it out. I have more hope for Ottawa because Philadelphia is a disaster right now and I think probably needs a complete overhaul to become a true contender again.

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
Washington -132 Ottawa 124 Washington Some
Atlanta -148 Boston 132 Atlanta Good
Toronto -244 Philadelphia 159 Toronto Strong
NY Islanders -157 Tampa Bay 136 NY Islanders Good
Vancouver 109 Dallas -110 Dallas Good
Anaheim -158 Pittsburgh 136 Anaheim Good