NHL Game Predictions 11/2/2006

Here are the algorithms predictions for tonights games. Not really a whole lot of games to get excited about tonight. Vancouver-Minnesota should be enteratining and is important in the standings. Considering how tight the Atlantic division is the Devils-Islanders game is fairly important too though not much else to really draw me in to watching it.

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
Boston 148 Buffalo -194 Buffalo Strong
Philadelphia -135 Tampa Bay 126 Philadelphia Good
Carolina 127 Montreal -137 Montreal Good
New Jersey -142 NY Islanders 129 New Jersey Good
Florida -139 Toronto 128 Florida Good
St. Louis 137 Colorado -158 Colorado Good
Minnesota -165 Vancouver 139 Minnesota Strong
Chicago 124 Detroit -131 Detroit Good
San Jose -309 NY Rangers 167 San Jose Strong

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  1. wow montreal is even on the penalty kill. they have as many goals scored against them on the PK than they have on the PK…. i think the league should come up with a new way of punishing montreal for infractions cuz obviously going a man down isnt cutting it 🙂

    and David, maybe now you can see where the goals will come from… with regards to ribeiro, theres such a thing called addition by subtraction. it doesnt matter how good hes doing in dallas, he wasnt good for the team… same way allison wasnt good for the leafs. theyre a better team without his slow arse.

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