NHL Predictions 10/26/2006

We have 8 games on schedule tonight. The games I think will be the most interesting are:

Toronto at Ottawa – This game should be a fun game to watch. Toronto will be seeking revenge for a 6-2 loss on Tuesday while Ottawa will be seeking revenge for a Darcy Tucker attack on Patrick Eaves and a Chad Kilger stick attack on Christolf Shubert. Speaking of Tuesdays games, whats with the refs? I enjoyed the added physical play but there were tons of partial hooks and trips that would have been called for penalties in most other games. Not that I am complaining because I think some of this crackdown on obstruction has gone too far.

Atlanta at Philadelphia – Atlanta clearly has been the better team so far this season while Philadelphia has been a disaster. But most teams respond very positively for the first few games after a coaching change plus Atlanta played last night so this game coule end up going either way. The keys to Philadelphia will always ben goaltending and Peter Forsberg. If the Flyers get good goaltening and Forsberg is healthy and play at the top of his game the Flyers will do well. If either of those guys fail there just isn’t enough else there to allow them to win consistantly.

San Jose at Nashville – Yesterday I wrote that San Jose was a big test for Detroit to determin whether they were an elite western conference team or a step below them. This is kind of the same for Nashville. Nashville has gotten off to a bit of a poor start and this is a chance for them to win a big game against a real tough team and prove that they should be considered contenders as well.

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
Boston 120 Montreal -125 Montreal Some
Philadelphia 162 Atlanta -268 Atlanta Good
Ottawa -146 Toronto 131 Ottawa Good
New Jersey -136 Florida 126 New Jersey Good
NY Islanders 127 Buffalo -137 Buffalo Good
Tampa Bay -143 Carolina 130 Tampa Bay Good
Nashville 145 San Jose -184 San Jose Strong
Phoenix 154 Edmonton -222 Edmonton Strong

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  1. I hate Darcy Tucker.

    Seriously though, that was a surprisingly good game, especially considering I thought scoring was going to be an afterthought to WWE Smackdown teenaged BS. Toronto had some amazing chances, could’ve easily been closer. Why didn’t anyone knock down Heatley in front of the net? Raycroft was hung out to dry in places.

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