Game Predictions – 10/25/2006

Some of the games you should keep an eye on tonight are:

Atlanta vs Carolina: These two teams look like they might battle for top spot in the division. Should be a fun game too as both teams are entertaining to watch.

San Jose at Detroit: Detroit needs to figure out if they are a contending team or a step below. Games such as this one against other top western conference teams will help determine which they are.

Edmonton at Anaheim: Rematch of last years western conference finals and the return of Joffrey Lupul to his former home in Anaheim. We all know that Anaheim has the big two defensemen but after that they are somewhat weak. If you watch this game observe whether Edmonton’s depth of talent up front can expose that weakness. In the salary cap era you can’t really have a lot of top end talent as well as a lot of depth so I wonder whether it is better to have more top end talent like the Ducks or more depth like the Oilers. Personally I am leaning to depth (see Carolina last year, Buffalo, etc.).

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
NY Rangers 125 Florida -134 Florida Some
Carolina 125 Atlanta -135 Atlanta Good
Detroit 125 San Jose -134 San Jose Strong
Minnesota -205 Los Angeles 151 Minnesota Strong
Chicago 139 Vancouver -166 Vancouver Strong
Colorado -146 Washington 131 Colorado Good
Anaheim -123 Edmonton 118 Anaheim Some