Game Predictions – 21/10/2006

Here are the game predictions for today.

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
Boston 122 Buffalo -128 Boston Some
Toronto -137 NY Rangers 127 Toronto Some
Montreal 142 Colorado -172 Colorado Strong
Ottawa 112 New Jersey -113 New Jersey Some
NY Islanders -112 Carolina 111 NY Islanders Some
Washington -242 Tampa Bay 158 Washington Strong
Atlanta -268 Florida 162 Atlanta Strong
Pittsburgh -117 Columbus 115 Pittsburgh Good
Nashville 124 Vancouver -132 Vancouver Good
Chicago -198 St. Louis 149 Chicago Good
Edmonton -136 Detroit 126 Edmonton Good
Phoenix 158 Dallas -240 Dallas Strong
San Jose -169 Minnesota 141 San Jose Strong

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  1. woooo strong prediction for colorado!! haha had a 3 goal lead and lost by 3 goals!

    montreal is tied for 2nd in PK%, which is awesome. if only they could find some scoring…. OH WAIT! second PP% in the league with 27%…. oh gee. whats that they say about teams in the top 5 in specialty teams??? oh ya that theyre good teams, likely to make the playoffs, bla bla bla.

    montreal goals per game, 3.57, good for #4 in the league. goals against per game, 2.86, good for #14, still in the top half, but as long as they score goals they will win games. and whats this??? 1st in the league in face offs??? wow. cool.

    aaaaaand 30 shots on goal per game. im sorry but that is not bad at all. maybe they ARE for real??

    also, u gotta give minny MORE credit. i know their team doesnt look good on paper, i mean aside from demitra gaborik and rolston, they ar pretty this with a few unknowns. but they have a good yuoung quick lineup and u underrate team chemistry, along with the fact they have a good coach. i think your underrating minny way too much. i know u go by stats and all but its obvious stats dont win u games. they help, but i think 2 of the more important factors are good coaching and good team chemistry.

  2. I think everyone knew Minnesota would be a good team, question is just how good will they be in the tough Western Conference??? As for team chemisty, i dont think you can really comment on that because no one really knows the true team chemisty unless your in that locker room…which obviously your not. Gaborik is now injured with once again another groin injury…interesting to see how the Wild play without him…so far 1-0 and beat a very good Sharks team in San Jose.

  3. Give it a rest on Montreal. Had you looked at the goals per game statistics yesterday you would have found Montreal in the bottom half of the NHL. Don’t get too excited about one game against a mediocre team with a mediocre goalie.

    As for Minnesota they have a very good team and they do have good players beyond the three you mentioned. I probably should have predicted they would end up higher than 8th but I had a few concerns. First, they made quite a few changes in the off season and you never really know how everyone is going to gel together. I am a bit surprised at how quickly they have started the season. But I guess that is what a good coach will do for you. But more importantly I thought (and still do) that their point total take a hit because they play in a pretty tough division. I also have some concerns about their depth on defense but overall they are a very good team and should make the playoffs fairly easily.

  4. i think many people overate that division. for one edmonton isnt the same team that went to the finals. and even if they were, they were an 8th place team during the season, not exactly a powerhouse of sorts. AND year after year i say how overrated calgary is. everyone has them hyped up to be some great team. i dont see it. theyre a good defensive team. no matter how many offensive stars they add they STILL wont score enough goals. in colorado, tanguay had the players, the room, and the go-ahead to play HIS game. in calgary hes forced to backcheck, play defensive, and so on. they have ZERO offensive depth. iginla isnt an offensive star. hes good for 70-85 points. 35 maybe 40 goals. hes a great player, a great captain, but hes not a points type of guy. hes more of a well rounded player. even when he got 96 points calgary was a more offensive team. now theyre all defense and i find they play more of an old school mentality hockey not fit for the new NHL. in the end i think the flames are overrated and they wont win their division. they can only win games if kipper is there, or else they wont be able to score enough goals. vancouver is good, but theyre funny. they have 1 line, and the best goalie in the NHL according to some people. their D is suspect, but OK. salo and ohlund are a good top 2. not great, but good. and if they can get secondary scoring then they will be a good team, or else, theyre a bubble team, but will probably make the playoffs cuz of luongo, the sedins and naslund. then theres colorado. their D sux. period. theodore will give u 25 good games, and 25 bad ones. too much inconsistency to make the playoffs. now that leaves minny. therye a team on the rise. demitra and garborik are dynamite together. and rolston is crazy underrated. their D got a HUGE boost with johnsson on D. they were missing that offensive catalyst and if hes healthy they will get lots of puck movement and scoring from him. then u got guys like koivu and bouchard who will be good players and are gettiing bigger and bigger roles, and so far theyre living up to expectations. and manny fernandez is a good goaltender who finally has the opportunity to prove himself as an elite NHL goalie.

  5. David,

    If Montreal was playing a “mediocre team with a mediocre goalie”, then your prediction with “strong confidence” that Colorado would beat them was a very bad one. Instead of “strong” in your confidence column, you should have written “I really hope so because I’m a leafs fan and can’t reconcile that with reasonably expecting Montreal to be a good team”.

    Its absolutely fair for DAniel to point out your pro-Leafs anti-Canadiens bias since you claim this site is not designed for the fans of only one particular team.

  6. Is it anti-Canadien bias to expect that essentially the same team that barely made the playoffs last year will barely miss the playoffs this year?

    Is it pro-Leaf bias to expect that a team which barely missed the playoffs last year which has upgraded is defense and goaltending will sneak into the playoffs this year?

    I personally think no on both questions but if you think otherwise, so be it. I don’t care. Don’t read my blog. Waste your time elsewhere.

    And if I get any more of these stupid, pointless comments I am going t delete them so please save your time and mine and don’t post them anymore. Come back in 2 months and lets discuss where things stand.

    End of this discussion in any comment thread.

  7. Think you are overestimating Sharks winning chances today. I am making them a small favorite. Do not see them in betting range. Either Columbus or stay off.

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