Stat comparison of the day

10: The number of goals Martin Havlat(7) + Bryan Smolinski(3) have scored so far this season
9: The number of goals the Ottawa Senators have scored so far this season

Think the Sens could use Havlat or Smolinski right now?

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  1. ottawas a bunch of morons for trading havlat. he was always amazing and was injured most of last year. he was set to explode and they gave him up. if i were muckler i woulda traded alfredsson. it gives the sens a fresh new start kinda look. i mean theyve had no success with him for years. try it. havlat was on a secondary scoring line getting a point per game, and he played very well in the playoffs. alfie is a good player and all but its time for a change.

  2. Hahaha… but as per usual, now Havlat is sidelined with an injury… the man has never played a full season, always held out on contracts feeling he deserves more money – the Hawks can have him for the kind of money they threw at him. He probably won’t be back on the ice for 6 weeks, if not longer.

  3. fer real. so what if he misses 8 or 9 games. he could still get 90-100 points in that many games. he IS that good. and had he stayed in ottawa maybe he wouldnt have gotten injured. he IS the main focus of attention in chicago. in ottawa there would be heatley and spezza, as well as redden and god knows how many others (assuming they traded alfredsson instead of havlat)

    and havlat IS worth that much money. just like hossa is worth it in atlanta. those guys ARE THAT GOOD.

  4. Ahem… so, I predicted 6 weeks out for Havlat when he got injured… recent word puts him getting back in the game on Nov. 29 – that would be almost EXACTLY 6 weeks! His history makes it obvious this is what would happen. As I said before, it’s fine he’s not with the Sens any more – he’s not worth $6-mil+ if he doesn’t play close to a whole season (like last year).

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