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It’s time for some game predicting fun. I had hoped to get this up and running by the start of the season last week but better a little late than never. I am please to announce that has a new feature. That is, an NHL game prediction pool. There are probably a few kinks that still have to be worked out in the software but it should work fine. If you have any problems feel free to e-mail me or post some comments here. For the next little while it’ll be in testing mode but once I am confident that it works fine I’ll get some actual weekly and/or monthy pools going. If all things go well and I can get some good advertising revenue I hope to be able to offer some prizes but only if the revenue is there so tell all your friends, family and coworkers about it. It’s time to put your predicting ability to the test so go enter your picks and lets see how you compare to others.

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  1. Can you maybe elaborate a bit more on your idea here, how it works, when it will start, how does the software work, what kind of adds are you looking for, how would the winner be chosen, after how many predictions, after how many right ones, is this on a daily prediction basis, what are the minimum game predictions to enter the drafts… so on.

  2. The software is still being refined a bit but it is mostly working. The concept is pretty simple really and here is what I am hoping to do:

    Every week is a new weekly pool and everyone starts off with a clean slate. Participants predict the outcomes of every game for that week (Monday-Sunday) and the person who predicts the winner of the most games correctly wins the pool for that week.

    If I get enough revenue from the ads I have up on these pages I hope to be able to award prizes like nhl merchandise or something like that. I haven’t decided yet and of course it all depends on how popular the pool becomes.

    Make sense? If you have any other questions, ask away.

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