I have started up a hockey pool at so why don’t you all go over there and lets see how well you can predict the top 20 scorers in the NHL. Yes, it is a pretty simple pool. Select 20 players and whichever team gets the moist points wins.

This is just the beginning. I hope to have more fun and games to announce this weekend or early next week. I’ll also have my predictions on the final NHL standings coming soon as well. Regular season hockey is only a week away. Time to get things going in top gear.

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  1. Well I signed up. I don’t post much on this site but I’ve been reading it for a little less than a year.

    Can we change our rosters once the season starts or not? (It doesn’t seem like it.)

  2. This site has only been running for about a year so if you have been reading it for a little under a year you were here for most of its life.

    I think it is a very basic pool and that you just pick 20 players and don’t make any changes through the year. Not too exciting but interesting nonetheless. I’ve got some other interesting stuff hopefully in the pipeline though.

    I also think that once the season starts they will show the 20 players other people have picked. It should be fun to see who has who on their lists.

  3. agreed. I personally dont like pools where you have to change rosters often. We’re all busy people and its just to much to deal with. Very good choice in pool selection. looking forward to it. Another really good and fun pool is the Hockey Night in Canada pool on

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