Tonight it came to my attention that someone has been plagiarising content from this website (my posts and some of your comments) and posting them on the discussion forums at Plagiarising anything from this website (or any website, book, newspaper, or anything else for that matter) is not only illegal but is gutless, cowardly and only goes to show what a piece of scum you really are. If you are caught doing this you risk being tracked down and being prosecuted (I can hold a grudge and am not afraid to go after plagiarising scumbags) so don’t do it. For all of you non-plagiarisers I apologize for this rant but I’ll take the time to thank you for making this little hockey blog of mine enjoyable to run as your comments are not only insightful but a joy to read. Keep it up.

Update: The copyright infringer apparently also posted some of the comments found on into the comments of He has posted here under the names of Brendan and Jack (at least, maybe more) but because he has posted here it has made it easy for me to track down his ip address. I am now working on getting in touch with his ISP to track him down.

If any of you see my posts posted elsewhere or someone elses posts posted here in the comments I’d definitely appreciate it if you let me know. This sort of thing will not be tolerated.

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  1. I agree 100% with your statement. This is an isolated situation at Covers. The poster has been taken care of. I invite everyone here to take a look at Covers. With that one exeception we have a great deal of very good hockey discussion and capping info if you are into that. Personally I will be coming over here some and adding input.

    Thank you


  2. As someone who has done some writing myself, I can fully appreciate and understand your rant. Don’t let it stop you from updating a great website.



  3. seriously? lol , why not just track down the IP numbers from the person who copied your post and who posted there? this sorta thing is really hard to prove, especially over the interent unless it is word for word copying. But I agree, it is gutless and really lame. If you dont know much about hockey that’s fine, dont pretend you do, thats the sadest part.

  4. Unfortunately, plagiarism is de regeur on the ‘net. For example, look up a Wikipedia article on a popular topic. Search on a unique phrase from that article — bet you’ll find it several other places, many times without attribution.

    Much worthwhile and/or popular content gets plagiarized, because people think it’s a good way to get money flowing into their web sites. I suspect that many plagiarist sites have web spiders that regularly revisit and update their stolen content.

    If you can catch and remove your plagiarized content from other sites, more power to ya. Otherwise, take it as a backhanded compliment — the easiest, if not sincerest, form of flattery.

  5. I totally stand by what your saying and what y our trying to do, but how would you go about trying to prove this? How can u prove he stole copyrighted material from sites? Do you have copyright? I can see someone just explaining its nothing more than a coinscience.

  6. Everybody automatically has copyright to everything they write/create unless they explicitly assign their copyright to someone else. I do have a copyright notice (see side menu) as well. As for proving it, well that is a different matter, but through ip addresses it can be done.

  7. Interesting to know. i wasnt aware of that. I thought you had to buy copyright protection. In terms of proving it I hope you do but what i meant was isnt it hard to prove because of the content being copied? Its mostly opinion based facts about hockey and stats from the NHL which are available to everyone. I dunno i could be wrong, i think it would be difficult to prove but i hope you get it done tho. good luck.

  8. It doesn’t matter what the content being copied is, if it is copywritable (i.e. an original creation be it words, music, art, etc) it is automatically copyrighted. The analysis of the data (i.e. the methods I used) is nop copywritable but the way I express my analysis is (i.e. the words I use to write it up).

    The guy who copied my site could have said the exact same thing but using different words and he would not be breaking copyright. He would be considered a loser for regurgiating someone elses ideas (especially if he didn’t not give credit for it) but he wouldn’t be breaking copywrite law. Ideas can’t be copywrited, only he expression of ideas can.

    For example, you can’t copy the phone book even though the phone book is just a bunch of data (names and numbers) but there is no restriction on me telling you what someone’s phone number is. The expression of the data in the form of a phone book is copywritable, the names and phone numbers themselves are not protected in any way.

    Now, just to throw a wrench into everything, there is a ‘fair use’ clause in which you can copy portions of a copywrite piece of art usually for the benefit of research, education, etc. The guy who copied my site could have taken a paragraph of what I wrote, posted in in the forum and then wrote “I found the above at Go here to read the rest. It’s a very interesting article.” and I would be 100% OK with it and probably wouldn’t have a legal copywrite stance against him since it would probably be considered ‘fair use.’

  9. I can understand your stance on the subject and I definately can relate to your holding a grudge. But I don’t think this should qualify for much of a reaction yet. Let the dude know you’re onto him and if it persists, then it qualifies under grudge status and run with it if you want. (good luck though depending on his location in relation to yours)
    BTW I’d say that straight up copying whether word for word or not is just dumb and should only be expected of some dude with real low self esteem siting in his parents basement repeating opinions of others beacause he has no friends to hear his own thoughts. I mean really, copying opinion posts from another website and presenting them as your own is so lame. (let me echo the lameness of it) cause if you tune into any sports channel or check on any website, you’ll soon realize that it doesn’t take good opinions to be a pro journalist. especially on the internet where absolutely any joe lame-arse can post something not even remotely true under the defense of it being his opinion.
    Having checked the covers site I’d expect better cause it seems fairly profesional but you never know. and lastly, If you realy want to better prevent this in the future it would hopefully help to make your copywrite notice more prominent as I’ve never noticed it.

  10. interesting stuff. Ive always wondered the interent laws concerning this sort of stuff. theres aprox. 8 million sites on the web so good job to actually finding copyrighted material from your site. I agree, he should have def. referred to this site or any site he used quotes from. Someone small pretending he/she knows hockey to try to look important. sad really.

  11. A voice of Reason:

    First, I am not just doing this to get back at the guy who copied stuff from my site, I am doing this to show everyone that I am not going to put up with copying so hopefully no one else will consider doing it.

    Two, it wasn’t who did the copying, it was someone who posted my stuff in their public forums. has actually been helpful and it was a representative from who informed me about what had been happening. So feel free to check out all you want. They are a good site if you are into betting/handicapping.

    Mr. Hockey: Internet laws are really no different than non-internet laws when it comes to copyright. Just as you can’t photocopy a book and distribute it to your friends you can’t copy a website and distribute it. Of course ~75 years from now when my copyright expires feel free to copy stuff from this website all you want. 🙂

  12. Like I said, I can understand where you’re coming from. If everyone starts using your stuff and quoting you then that’s great, it gets you name out there, but if they don’t then it takes you out of the picture.
    However, if this goes on to get silly then it’ll get tough without him making any money off the copying and it’s best if the fact it’s copywrited is plainly displayed for the stuff copyed at the time it happened. (I don’t mean in big full page bold flashing letters) Maybe I going blind but I still haven’t found your copywrite notice.

  13. rather than making money I should have said just benefiting from it. that it’s for public veiwing should cover that but there’s nothing in it for him so…..

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