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Sorry for the lack of posts the past week or two. I’ve been pretty busy with both work (just started a new contract) and non-work stuff as well as trying to develop a player ranking system which I hope to have done by the start of the season or shortly after. Anyway, things might ease up a bit next week so I should be able to post something more substantial like season previews for teams and/or divisions and closer to the start of the season my predictions.

In the mean time feel free to use this post as an open thread to discuss anything you wish from your thoughts on the off season moves to your thoughts on if/when guys like Gagne, Gionta, Carter, Allison, etc. will sign and where. Will Malkin with rookie of the year and who might his top challengers be?

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  1. i assume your not talking about the playoffs, right Jes… 😉

    speaking of minny. do they have the personel to move to a more offensive philosophy of play?
    the hope is Demitra and Gaborik will click and light the lamp, which i believe will happen…. but they don’t appear to have any offensive depth whats-so-ever. a lot was made out of the parrish signing as well, but he’s been consistent for 40-50 pts…
    Daige-type numbers from a couple yrs a go.
    demitra just needs to stay healthy now… he’s been injuried his last couple of yrs….

    i’m guessing their lines will look something like…

    Rolston – Demitra – Gaborik
    Bouchard – Koivu – Parrish
    Dupuis – White – Radivojevic
    Boogaard – Walz – Foy /Weinhandl

    they’ve lost their best faceoff man and 2-way forward in Chouinard, but have decent defensive depth as usual. scoring depth however…

    i’m not a fan of their defensemen… they lose Mitchell, Kuba, and Zyuzin…. replaced by Johnsson, Carney and Skoula. Johnsson is by far superior offensively from anyone they’ve had in the past, but their defensive depth took a big hit. Schultz, Foster and Burns will be expected to step up and take a lot of those defensive minutes. Take into consideration Johnsson hasn’t played since January due to concussion issues… he wasn’t physical enough BEFORE the concussion, i wonder how apprehensive he will be now, and whether his head will hold up through out the yr…. its a good risk if he stays healthy.

    Overall, defensively they’ve taken a hit and we’ll see if Fernandez can carry the load while seeing a lot more rubber than he’s used to seeing in a wild uniform.
    Harding should see a lot of games… its necessary for his development to play 25-30 gms at least…. he’s too good of a prospect to let rust on the bench.

    on a completely different note… i think Malkin wins the Calder and i think Brule in Columbus (esspesially if Zherdev leaves) will be a finallist.

  2. GARRY: nice how you mentioned Minnesota losing Chouinard, a good 2 way player and good faceoff man. Minnesota ranked 26th in the NHL last season in face offs with 48.3% overall. Winning faceoffs is a big part of winning games. I hope Minnesota does better than last season, I like their off season moves. Does anyone know Demitra’s faceoff totals from last season? I could not find it.

    -Your taking Malkin to win Calder? Im hearing a lot of people say that. Im not saying the obvious, Im going with my guy, Wojtek Wolski from Colorado. I love how this kid plays! Expect big numbers from him, hidden gem in fantasy pools in my opinion.

  3. Demitra as a winger and took just 114 FO last yr… winning 56 for 49%. compare that to the 1089 chouinard took or 900 Perreault took. [i](League Leader – Brind’Amour with 2145 (3rd in FO% – 59%))[/i]

    Faceoffs are one of the most under-valued aspects of the game imo. you win the key faceoff battle during a game, you usually win the game.
    Chouinard led his team winning 52.7 %…. not bad considering the ‘elite’ faceoff man is usually around 60%.
    last yr’s leader was Perreault… and he was the only player over 60%, winning 62.1%.

    Chouinard was the reason Minny wasn’t in last in the league in faceoffs.

  4. I was analyzing the faceoff numbers bit after out exchange and found a very interesting trend.

    winning faceoffs appears to be a function of experience.
    check it out…

    the top 3 leaders in FO% – Perreault, Nieuwendyk, Brind’Amour.
    the 3 worst FO% of those that took at least 1000 FO’s….
    Staal, Crosby, York

    at least i found it interesting…

    where did you find the team faceoff info?

  5. That is very interesting to me also Garry. Appears experience goes a long way in the faceoff department. Im not suprised young players, or even rookies for that matter are not high on this list.

    I actually found the team faceoff info from the 2007 NHL Yearbook. I’ll save you $10 in case all you are interested in are the team faceoff totals:

    1.Nashville 53.8%
    2. Edmonton 53.4%
    3. Detroit 52.8%
    4. Boston 52.0%
    5. Carolina 51.7%
    6. Toronto 51.6%
    7. Anaheim 50.8%
    8. Florida 50.7%
    9. St. Louis 50.7%
    10. Washington 50.4%
    11. Calgary 50.4%
    12. Ottawa 50.3%
    13. Dallas 50.3%
    14. Atlanta 50.1%
    15. Tampa Bay 50.1%
    16. Los Angel. 49.9%
    17. Buffalo 49.7%
    18. New Jersey 49.5%
    19. Philly 49.5%
    20. Columbus 49.4%
    21. montreal 49.3%
    22. Phoenix 49.2%
    23. Chicago 48.9%
    24. NY Isles 48.7%
    25. San Jose 48.4%
    26. Minnesota 48.3%
    27. Vancouver 48.1%
    28. Colorado 48.1%
    29. NY Rangers 47.5%
    30. Pittsburgh 45.9%

  6. Calder winner this year will be between Malkin, Brule and Kopitar…… top rookie defenseman, Luc Bourdon….

    Gagne traded to Detroit, for Datsyuk.
    Carter signs with Caps or Kings.
    Allison, hard to tell where he lands up, Vancouver maybe.
    Gionta, no clue.

  7. CupLifter: Why do you think Gagne will be traded to Detroit for Datsyuk? The Flyers and Gagne only seem to be aprox. $1 million off in agreement for a new contract. Gage has until December 1st to sign or else he will not play this season. That’s a lot of time to crack a deal. Ive also read reports that say the Kings ARE NOT interested in Carter and WILL NOT sign him.

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