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This Eklund guy is quite amusing because he throws out all kinds of trade rumours but never considers whether they are at all feasable. The recent ones he is tossing about is a trade between New Jersey and Calgary with Gomez heading to Calgary and Lombardi and others, probably draft picks, heading back to New Jersey. Problem is, Calgary is also pretty close ($41.2 million) to the cap and would have a hard time taking on Gomez’s salary without dumping a couple more players in addition to Lombardi. What is even more absurd is that he was on the Team 1200 in Ottawa a day or two ago and discussed the possibility of Calgary also taking Malakhov’s salary in the deal. Well, that certainly won’t happen.

But then today things get even more amusing. Today he writes “I am hearing that Ottawa and Washington would have interest in Gionta.” Washington I can understand. They have a ton of cap room and would probably like to add some more top end talent to their roster. But Ottawa? Ottawa’s salary cap committment currently sits somewhere around $42 million give or take depending on how many players they carry on their active roster. Gionta is likely to command in the $4 million range, if not more. So, who is Ottawa going to trade to free up close to $4 million?

Redden? no.
Alfredsson? no.
Heatley? no.
Spezza? no.
Gerber? no
Corvo? no
Schaeffer? not likely

That is all their players making more than $2 million and I can’t see any one of them getting traded to clear up cap space for Gionta. In other words, Gionta to Ottawa makes little sense and even Muckler himself has pretty much said that he is done making moves.

In other rumours he has the Canadiens interested in Dumont but TSN.ca is reporting today that Montreal is not interested in Dumont.

“We’ve never had an offer from Montreal,” his agent Yves Archambault said Wednesday. “I’ve spoken to several teams. At this point we’re really looking at 3-4 teams.”

I don’t know where Eklund gets his rumours from but most of them don’t make much sense. It is unfortunate he is so clueless about each teams salary situation because with his contacts (and I don’t deny he has some contacts) he should be able to produce more reliable rumours.

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  1. Eklund’s a guy who stumbled into a lucrative foray, who has exaggerated about himself and his contacts for the appearance of greater credibilty and is (I’m sure) trying to keep his head above water until it all catches up.

    WE ALL make mistakes. I DOUBT he ever intended to grift or defraud. Unfortunately, that’s the quagmire in which he is firmly entrenched.

    As an XM 204 listener, I’m REALLY disappointed that they seem to be making it their mission to legitamize Dwayne. If anything, they should be (quietly) distancing themselves…

  2. This article about Eklund seems like someone is jealous and looking for an XM contract? He runs a RUMOUR SITE!!! Not everything he says will pan out. He gets pieces from multiple sources and make the best article he can from them.
    Relax and enjoy the dreaming us Hockey nuts enjoy doing. Eklund for Commish

  3. Jealous? No. I’ve forgotton more about hockey than he’ll ever know. As for an XM contract, well, who knows. Keep your ears tuned.

  4. Well Ek, and most reporters/columnists/etc. are not much more than repeater systems. They here something, they write and talk about it. It’s unfortunate that many of them don’t think for a second to see if what they are reporting makes any sense. Most hockey bloggers give more real insight than hockey reporters. It’s unfortunate but its true. So when someone criticizes me and defense one of these story regurgitators implying they know more than me because they have a spot on XM it bugs me a little.

  5. its just good to see hockey knowledgable fans going at each others throats. It really shouldnt bother you. People have their own opinions. I read Eks rumors at times, ya some dont make financial scense but its entertainment and ultimately thats the way it should be looked at.

  6. I do like Ek’s site…It’s not becuase of the rumours but, for the wide variety of opinion and original bloggers. I kinda think that these sites have entertainment value and keep us interested in the NHL all year round. I also like this site and find articles like this one keep the rumour guys in check.

    P.S. The Calgary Flames were a post away from beating theDucks in game six…..They are very close to being a complete hockey club as I feel that Sutter has done an excelent job of tweaking the Flames roster.

    No big trade coming.

  7. You shouldn’t even give Ek any exposure. It’s controversy he wants. That draws attention. Personally, I just like poking fun of his rumors, but in a discreet way. I won’t mention his name because I refuse to support his cause. By the way, do you notice that alot of the commentors on their posts sound like the 13 year old kids you see on Canuck’s and Leaf’s Forums?

  8. someone should just expose Eklund. get a picture of him, post it on the web and maybe even a cell phone number. After that I am sure some of his ‘credible’ sources would stop giving him insider info and other people would love to drop him a line too.

    I’ll admit, I read his site, but not for the junk he throws out. He actually has some good bloggers, like Garth, Pannacio, and Strickland that give credibility to his hack job of reporting.

    And yes it angers me that he gets attention, ie Xm radio and other appearances. But only because its clear he really does not have a clue about hockey.

  9. Most sports “reporters” are guilty of regurgitating speculation. Which is not really what a rumour is, is it?

    A rumour is a tip from a disgruntled player’s agent who wants out, and might mention another team.

    Speculation is two guys in the press box scoffing down free pretzels during the intermission: “hey Team A has a glut of wingers, Team B needs a winger, how about Player 1 and 2 for Player 3 and a draft pick.”

    Radio guy (some of the laziest guys in media) overhears and “reports” this as a real, true rumour.

    Guy I work with knows a former GM (Stanley Cup winner) who just shakes his head when media guys condemn players as dumb…

  10. Eklund deals in hockey rumors and that is what they are rumors. When it comes to rumors, no matter how credible your source(s) may be, it is not an exact science. No one should expect hime or anyone else to get them correct every single time. You have to take a rumor as what it is, a possibility. Nothing is certain. Eklund does get a lot of things right. He gets some wrong too, but so does everyone else. Not every source gets it right every time. Some of the rumors may not make sense to you, but perhaps to a team it might. He has a god site. He throws a lot of ideas out there and can’t be right 100% of the time. Perhaps, you may feel others are right more often, because they say a rumor at the same time it is being announced? There are sites that do that and they are not real rumor sites. I, myself, dabble in rumors on my site penshockey.blogspot.com, but I am not always right either, but I try. Does this mean all rumor bloggers are frauds? I think not. Nobody’s perfect, but at least omse guys, like Eklund, stick their necks out a bit and give it to us straight abd admit that they are not right everytime. But isn’t that what rumors are all about, a possiblility.

  11. eklund is a joke. i have never been to his site buti read rumours that people post on boards. its all garbage. now i dont even bother to glance at bloggers. they offer no REAL source of information. they just talk about interesting trades that excite people so they can get hits and in the end money through advertising.

    before bloggers would just spew random trades in order to catch peoples eye. it didnt matter if it made sense or not. but nowadays these guys have it hard. most of them have grade 4 math skills, so most of their trade rumours make ZERO sense financially, like dumont to montreal, or gionta to calgary and ottawa. its sad the guy cant look at a teams salary commitments and conclude from there that the team cant afford it.

    another thing that kills me is this. bob gainey has said in a press conference that hes DONE tinkering his roster, and that he will wait till training camp to see if he needs to make moves. yet all these bloggers feel like they HAVE to include the habs in stupid trades, and insist a deal is in the works, even though gainey publicly said he wont make anymore trades….

  12. For those calling Eklund entertainment, well… if the ‘repetition’ of illogical hypotheticals that cannot possibly happen entertain you, then I, well, feel sorry for you.

  13. …”they just talk about interesting trades that excite people so they can get hits and in the end money through advertising.”

    I tend to agree with that!

    It’s not really the rumors that bother me as much as the “my source here my source there” BS! Anyone can write that crap.
    Anyone can see a hole in a team’s roster and make up a trade rumor on the spot. It’s just that these guys also tend to ignore the obvious. Dumont could not go to Montreal because of Gainey’s statements and cap position. All of us truly hockey-knowledgable people knew that already.
    I won’t even start with the Habs trading 5 guys for Malkin junk either!
    The credibility of HockeyBuzz will dwindle like a televangelist in my opinion.

  14. Theres a lot of rumor sites on the web. You have to take it for what it is. If you notice a lot of times, trades that occur in the NHL dont even make it to the rumor mill. Most trade rumors are kept in house as they should be. The Leafs for example, I read many rumors here and there concerning the team but very few actualyl happen….than all of a sudden WHAM! the Leafs pull off a trade no one even knew.
    On another note, Eklund may or may not be a joke, but from this blog alone he’s getting a lot of exposure and press which im sure he likes.

  15. Lets get real.
    Eklund doesnt even know where he left his shoes today.
    I have heard more people say that he is so off base it aint funny, and earlier today I posted at his site about this and he immediately took it off.
    Eklund is a loser…. Anyone who knows anything about hockey should know this.
    By the way, this site is awesome.. Great write-up
    Mr Johnson, I agree 110%.

  16. eklund is like the tabloids for me…. entertainment without much substance.
    every once in awhile he’ll say something feasible and intriguing that’ll perk my ears…

    for example… a Gionta trade to Washington is intriguing.
    a – they have a trade history… last yr NJ unloaded Friesen to the Caps for a 3rd rounder (who the caps then swung for a SECOND rounder from anahiem… brilliant)
    b – Cap space
    c – The need to stir the locals to buy some tickets… they’ve stood pat this off season, seemingly resting on the fact they have Ovechkin to draw a crowd…. that would be a mistake imo… the need to surround him with SOME talent… Gionta could be a good fit. The draft picks NJ gets back would be quite valuable as the caps will be cellar-dwelling this yr….

  17. i dunno if Eklund is such a loser in people’s opion than why do people visit his site or listen to him? just avoid it all together, no?

  18. I flamed him on his site a few days ago (before ever seeing this site or this post) and I said the exact same thing. Funny how before he even posts the dumont bs TSN already said he wasn’t going to mtl. Then I called him on it and he deleted my posts and acts like it never happened.

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