Garth Snow??

I thought for a bit that maybe, just maybe, the Islanders had finally decided to act like a professional franchise and get rid of Mike “I’ve never made a good trade” Milbury (sort of) and replace him with a qualified general manage as well as hire a qualified coach. But today we find out that that was just a joke and the franchise is yet again a poorly run franchise destined to live in the world of mediocrity (I’m being generous). For whatever reason the qualified GM, Neil Smith, has left the franchise whether it was his decision, the teams decision or some kind of mutual decision. And the new GM? Last years backup goalie. Yup. Last years backup goalie is the new General Manager. I really don’t know what else to say. I’m stunned. I’ve got nothing against Garth Snow. I am sure he is a smart guy, but can he really run a team just removed sitting on the end of the bench as backup goalie? It just stuns me that a successful businessman such as Charles Wang continues to make such foolish decisions.

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  2. They’re probably sitting him down right now:

    “Okay now Garth, this is what we call a Salary Cap. It’ll be 44 in the upcoming system . . . ”

    GMing 101.

  3. The quick fallout between Neil and “Wanger” is one of these twos’ fault.

    It seems like Neil was so anxious to get a job he did not listen to what Wanger’s plan was.

    Either way, there is alot of bad press on this one.

    Let’s see how Garth works out. He must be smart on the inside (from comments about him as a person) , and let’s hope this is true because if you watch his interviews (msg network), he’s not looking too sharp in front of the cameras

  4. I’d like to see the islanders pick up Luckowich to bring him back to the Island. He was heart and soul Islanders and would probably be bought for a third round draft pick like we got for him in a trade with NJ this past Spring.

    I’m not sure what spending cap Wang has imposed but it would be nice to pick up Gionta from NJ or try to pry Rafe Torres from Edmonton to bring him back home.

  5. Does anyone know the direction Snow is going these days. With the exception of a couple of minor moves in the front office, nothing is happening with Dipetro and nothing seems to be happening with respect to exploiting New Jersey’s cap problems!

    Does anyone know if the Islanders have imposed their own cap?

  6. In business, every good executive has a succession plan in place should he ever decide to retire or leave the organization. We have to give Garth Snow some credit for doing that his first action as GM was signing back-up goalie Wade Dubeilwicz.

    Seriously though, the Islanders are a bit hamstrung but a couple of things. The first is Yashin’s rediculous contract. He’s getting paid $7 million but is playing more like a $3 million player. The second is they have a horrible building to play in which severely limits attendance which means they are unlikely to spend to the cap. They do get good TV revenue so they aren’t in as dire straits as the Penguins but they have made some bad management decisions.

    Ok, so I guess that is a third thing that holds them back. They have been managed for the past decade(?) by probably the worst general manager in hockey history. Mike Milbury. He’s the guy who traded Spezza and Chara for Yashin and gave Yashin the huge contract. He’s the guy who traded Olli Jokinen and Roberto Luongo for Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvasha just so he could draft Rick DiPietro over guys like Dany Heatley and Marian Gaborik. He’s the guy who traded Todd Bertuzzi, Bryan McCabe and a 3rd round pick to Vancouver for Trevor Linden.

    Think about how good that team could have been with Spezza, Chara, Luongo, Jokinen, and Heatley.

    So while we all laugh at the Garth Snow signing, the good news is that it probably can’t be worst than the past 10 years.

  7. Garth Snow can take a while to pull his feet out of his mouth after his “big” signing of Kyle Okposo in midseason.

    Not only is he overestimating Okposo’s talents and readiness to play in the NHL, until Snow wins ANYTHING he cannot hold Don Lucia’s jockstrap…His recent comments regarding Minnesota hockey program are laughable…

    Kiss off Snowman – will see the Wild crush ya when the league finally allows your one visit …

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