Salary Cap Commitment Tables complete

Ok, I have finally ocmpleted the salary cap commitment tables for all 30 NHL teams. You can view these by clicking on the links in the menu to the left. I plan on keeping these as up to date as possible as the off season goes on and as trades and fre agent signings occur. I make no guarantees that the numbers are 100% accurate but they are accurate to the best of my knowledge. If you notice and mistakes please either comment to this post or send me an e-mail at If you have any other questions or comments also feel free to post a comment to this post or drop me an e-mail.

One thing to remember when browsing through these tables is that the numbers are not a players actual salary but rather the salary cap hit fromt he players contract (usually the average annual salary over the term of the contract). These numbers do differ from some of the numbers you see on other sites such as and

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  1. I’m only good at spot-checking the Ducks, but I think you have J.S. Giguere’s contract in error. You have him signed through 2010, but I think his contract only lasts through this season, and the cap hit is $3.99 M.

  2. Luongo’s contract is stated incorrectly for all four years on the Canuck’s salaries page. You had $6.75 for each year of his for year contract. It should be:

    $6 million in the first year, $6.5 million in the second year, $7 million in the third year, and $7.5 million in the final year

    This was confirmed by all reporting news agencies.

  3. Earl: You are correct though I think his salary cap hit is $3,705,000.

    Danno: Yes, Luongo signed an escalating contract but the salary cap hit is the average annual salary over the term of the contract. The average is $6.75.

  4. Great work…

    I was looking through the Red Wings’ cap commitmets, and I think you forgot Micheal Samuelsson.. Also, Andreas Lilja signed a 4yr extension in about march or so.

    Lebda signed a 4yr contract yesterday, the Detroit Free Press says it breaks down like this:
    550k, 550k, 650k, 850k.

  5. Samuelsson has been added. Lilja signed a 2 year extension in April so I added in the second year. I have also put in Lebda’s contract values. I couldn’t find them when I created the table yesterday. Thanks.

  6. David – Nice work!

    A few minor Penguins updates for you. Sebastien Caron’s buyout is a cap hit of approx $120K per year and Shane Endicott was also bought out for a cap hit of approx $107K per year (this year and next). Here is a link to the Post-Gazette article with the buyout details:

    Also, I believe Melichar’s cap hit should be $725K as he signed for two years last offseason at $700K for 05-06 and $750K for 06-07.

    Additionally, not sure if you are including players on two-way contracts at this time, but if you are Ryan Whitney is virtually a lock to make the team again this season and will count $900,600 against the cap in 06-07, but he is in the final year of a 2-way contract so he will not show up on until the season starts and he is officially playing for Pittsburgh and not Wilkes-Barre (the same can be said for Noah Welch, but I am not sure what his cap hit is).

  7. Actually the buyout numbers are $240K and $214K for each of the next 2 years as the cost of buying out a contract is 2/3rd of the remaining value paid over twice the number of years remaining on the contract.

    I fixed Melichar’s salary cap hit and also added Whitney as I am really trying to list all players that are likely to make the team (or at least likely to play significant parts of the season).

  8. Hey Dave,

    You listed Wayne Primeau Salary at 550,000 for this year but TSN has it at 1.15 Million

    Just wondering what is his actual salary

  9. Actually both Caron and Endicott are under 26 and thus are entitled to be bought out at 1/3 the value of their contracts (page 251 of the CBA).

  10. Correct on Primeau though his salary cap hit is 1,125,000 since he made 1,100,000 last season. It has been fixed.

    Also correct on Caron and Endicott. It has been fixed.

  11. Nice work on all this.

    Regarding the Thrashers, Hossa is signed through 07-08 and there is a $1 million cap charge this season because Bondra’s bonuses last year put them over the cap.

  12. Fantastic work, and something I’ll be pointing my readers to.

    Here’s an idea — in order to facilitate collaboration on this project, might it not be easier to organize this as a Wiki? Seems like that would take a lot of pressure off you to keep it updated.

  13. It potentially would be easier to organize it as a Wiki project but if all things go well I have bigger and better plans for it and to expand it (and this website in general) beyond just salary charts. But yeah, it might be worth looking into using Wiki for some of this stuff.

  14. Oops. It looks like you list Scott Thornton twice for the Kings, although you don’t appear to be counting him twice.

    Just a typo, it seems.

  15. Quick note – Marc-Andre Bergeron signed a 4 year deal that escalated to, I believe, a max of 1.5 million or so. Check – they have an excellent salary resource for the Oilers (and only the Oilers).

  16. Thanks. I have updated Bergeron’s contract now. Note that I use the annual average salary over the term of the contract, not the actual annual salary since the salary cap is based on the average.

  17. Looking at TSN’s website, it looks like a few players are signed on to the Penguins (assuming the site is accurate) that aren’t yet in your tables. TSN does not give the cap hit, but the upcoming year’s salaries are listed as:

    Ryan Whitney – $900,600
    Maxime Talbot – $535,000
    Erik Christensen – $488,000

    Like I said, these are the year’s pay, not necessarily the cap hit. I’m not sure where to find that info.

  18. The Canucks’ table needs updating. According to TSN, they have signed Jan Bulis to a 1-year, 1.3 millon deal

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