Steve Simmons Stupidity…

Today Steve Simmons has a column outlining the Leafs salary situation. What is interesting is the number mistakes listed in it. Mistakes that are completely avoidable and show completely how little homework Steve Simmons does. Man, that guy has a cushy job. He can be a complete moron while writing and talking about sports and get paid for it.

He has John Pohl listed as **John Pohl 450,000 with ** meaning “Unsigned forwards who have limited ability to increase salary” Well a quick visit to the Maple Leafs website would indicated that Pohl is not unsigned but rather that he was signed to a 2-year contract last week. Maybe he missed it because it was disguised as an offficial press release. Maybe the Leafs don’t consider him worthy of being called a member of the ‘press’ either and stopped sending him the releases.

He has Chad Kilger listed at $1.2 million which does appear to be his salary this year but in terms of salary cap commitments the cost is the average of the contract and every media report I have seen indicates that he signed a 3 year $2.7 million contract which works out to a $900,000 average salary for a $900,000 salary cap hit.

He has Andrew Raycroft listed as being signed to a $1.38 million contract but according to the website as well as the website he is still listed as a restricted free agent.

He has Ed Belfour’s salary cap hit listed as $750,000 but I believe the hit to be the full $1.5 million this year and not 750,000 this year and next.

And I am still not convinced that he has the Domi buyout costs correct. It is either $1.25 million this year or $416,000 this year and next depending on which section of the CBA takes precedence. From reading the CBA I believe it should be $416,000 this year and next but Simmons interprets it as $610,000 this year and next (half Domi’s salary this year, the other half next year).

Steve Simmons isn’t the only member of the media who doesn’t seem at all itnerested in doing some homework he is just the worst. Now you know why I spend the time creating accurate (as good as I can get anyway) salary commitment lists (see menu to left). The Leafs salary commitments can be viewed here.

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  1. Raycroft did sign a qualifying offer with Boston before being traded. I was under the impression it was around $1.54 million, however.

  2. I believe Boston made the qualifying offer, but I don’t think it has been signed yet. I have seen media reports that he did (and it was $1.35 million) but since the NHLPA and NHL websites don’t list him as being signed I have to believe that he hasn’t yet signed it (or it hasn’t been filed with the league).

  3. Moot point now, as Raycroft just signed a new 3 year deal with the Leafs. I haven’t seen financial terms yet.

  4. Goaltender Andrew Raycroft has signed a three-year deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs worth $6 million.

    Raycroft will earn $1.8 million next season, $2 million in 2007-08 and $2.2 million in 2008-09.

  5. I added Kronwall’s contract though I am not sure if he will make the team and I am pretty sure he would be on a 2-way contract. Right now I’d give Colaiacovo (still needs to be signed) and White the edge to win the final 2 defense positions on the team (with Belak being the extra forward/7th defenseman).

  6. I’m not sure if he’ll make it either. I just was writing up a post and noticed the difference between your listing and TSN’s.

  7. I’m very confused with TSN’s salary commitments page. Some of the numbers seem to be just downright wrong. They have Savard listed at 5 million even though in the notes column it says 4 million. David, I noticed you have him listed as 4mil also so thats what I’m gonna go with.

    Thanks for creating this great resource for us die hard fans 🙂

  8. The problem with TSN’s salary commitments page (as well as the website) is they list the players salary this season. But for salary cap purposes the number used is the annual average over the term of the contract. So, if a player signs a two year contract paying him $2 million this year and $3 million next, the salary cap hit is $2.5 million for both years.

    Everywhere I have read has Savard’s contract at $20 million over 5 years for an annual average of $4 million. Now it is in the players best interest to get more money in the early years because if his play declines he can get bought out for 2/3rd of his remaining salary. The more money payed in the early years means the less lossed money if the player gets ‘bought out’ by the team. I suspect Savard’s contract is structured this way.

  9. Steve Simmons is possibly the biggest moron ever

    How is this clown even allowed to talk about sports…..him and Bob Mcgown should get married at city hall because they were meant for each other

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