Research funding….

Ok, I am going to take a stab in the dark and hope someone out there can help. I am interested in doing a number of hockey research related projects including:

-A sophisticated player ranking system which takes into account the players basic statistics as well as ice time (ES, PK, PP), the quality of opponents they have played against (due to the heavily unbalanced schedule), etc.
-A study of which NHL teams are successful. i.e. teams with the best goalies, best defensemen or best forwards, Teams with superstars but not so deep or teams with lots of depth but not so many superstar players, etc.
-A study of the NHL draft-Which team drafts best. Are forwards, defensemen or goalies the more ‘risky’ pick (i.e. who develops in a more predictable manner).
-How a players junior statistics translates to their NHL statistics.
-Anything else you guys might find interesting.

To do this I would be looking for some financial funding to both subsidize the significant amount of time I would have to invest and also to purchase access to statistics where necessary (particularly important for the player ranking systems I am looking to develop). If anyone is able to fund this to a reasonably significant level or knows of someone with the NHL, an NHL team, or someone with a hockey media organization that might be interested in the results of such research and be willing to fund it drop me an e-mail. Also e-mail me if you have any idea for research projects that you might be interested in seeing done or enhancements you would like to see done to this website. Thanks.