Game Predictions 4/16/2006

With Toronto being eliminated last night none of the games today mean a whole lot though the New Jersey-Philadelphia game is important for playoff positioning as the Rangers, Flyers and Devils all still have a shot at the division title and it also has the potential to be a first round matchup preview.

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
New Jersey -161 Philadelphia 138 New Jersey Good
Buffalo -139 Toronto 128 Buffalo Good
Chicago -103 Columbus 103 Columbus Some
St. Louis 126 Phoenix -135 Phoenix Good

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  1. Glad i missed the Proline cutoff time by 1 min last night otherwise i would have lost $80! pheww lol. Proline Pool ticket for today/tomarrow:

    -NJ over PHI
    -BUF over TOR
    -PX over STL
    -CLB over CHI
    -DET over DAL
    -ATL over WSH
    -PIT over NYI
    -COL over EDM
    -ANA over CGY
    -SJ over LA

  2. Ive noticed the interest level on this site has dropped since Ive been coming to it since about February. Maybe its because theres not really any hockey analysis as the name makes you it to believe?? Im sure youve noticed this yourself also David. Any idea why?

  3. I’d like to comment on who the MVP for this season should be:

    3/4 though the season, I think the obvious choice was Jagr, but now I’m not so sure. I believe the obvious top three are Jagr, Thornton and Kipper, with an honourable mention to Ovechkin. Everyone has their “own” idea of what an MVP is, or should be – so I’m sure there are many differing views.

    I really think the award should go to Thornton. Since he arrived at San Jose, their record has been amazing and he leads the NHL in assists by 25, and has “lit” a fire under Cheechoo and Marleau. The Sharks do not make the playoffs without Thornton.

    Without Kipper, do the Flames even make the playoffs ? No way – not even close. He has 40+ wins, his GAA is 2.09, has 10 SOs. If you get Kipper 3 goals, your chances are very good. I know the Flames “style” of play helps Kipper, but I’m sure he a stolen a few games for them – especially when their leading scorer is in the 60’s overall in the NHL.

    Well, the Rangers have been a suprise this year, it seems as if the “new” rules have really helped them – not to mention, having the leading point getter(tied) and a very good young goalie. Like I said, 3/4 through the season, I think most people would have given the MVP to Jagr – but what if he doesn’t win the scoring title?? Would you still pick him?

    WEll, those are my thoughts…

  4. Ovechkin would be my pick, but they won’t give it to him as he will win the Calder (he probably won’t even be nominated for the Hart.) Kipper should win the Vezina. I know there are many conflicting veiws on what constitutes the MVP, but if they really did award it to the most valuable player to his team then I would have to vote for Ovechkin. Take him out of the Caps line up and they would be in a world of trouble. Jagr will probably win it again though.

  5. “I think most people would have given the MVP to Jagr – but what if he doesn’t win the scoring title?? Would you still pick him?”

    it kills me to say this as a Penguins fan but Jaromir Jagr is STILL the best pure skills player in the NHL when he is NOT fuckoff floating (like this past thursday in Pittsburgh). Joe Thornton has had one HELL of a second half and I agree the Hosersharks probably DON’T make the playoffs without him. he would be my pick this season.

    BUT the guy that is going to make everyone forget those two in the future is Alex Ovechkin. he’s going to win the Caulder hands down and IF you take the MVP as “the player that does the most for his team”, he’s close this year. Caps get him some support in the offseason they could be a playoff team next year.

  6. I think Joe Thornton is the MVP. The reason is simple, would San Jose have had the run they have had with out Joe. Answer “NO”, would the Choo Choo Train have score all those goals. Answer “NO”. Some of the other canadates teams may not have done as well as they have with out them, but they would not be far off their mark The only two I see that their teams would have been a lot worst off then they are now are, San Jose and Washington. So it is between Joe & Alexander and as Alexander is a rookie I don’t think he will get it, so, Joe it is MVP..

  7. If Jagr wins the scoring title, I say the NHL will give it to him, even though Joe and Kipper are just as important if not more.

    I think the NHL will want to give it to Jagr if they can. He plays one of the NHL’s largest market, Joe plays out in SJ, so you noone really sees his games and the Kipper, he’s great, but he’ll get the Vezina and be a close 2nd.

    If everything was fair…the MVP goes to Joe Thorton…you have a perfect scenerio of a before and after situation…but the NHL is not fair….Jagr walks away with the hardware.

  8. Kipper and that should be a gimmee! As the question was put, would Calgary have even been in the running, let alone have made the playoffs, without this guy in nets? Maybe ask the Tampa Bay Lightning. Two years ago they won the Stanley Cup with Khabibulin defending the nets and two years later, without him, they may not even qualify for the postseason. Kipper carried the Flames (though it doesn’t matter) to the finals two years ago and this season they’re in the playoffs again and he’s the reason.

  9. Oh and by the way, if Tampa Bay had Khabibulin this year, last night’s game against Carolina wouldn’t have been a game of importance for them to make the postseason, it would have been a game of importance for them to simply improve their position among the top 4 seeds as a playoff position would have already been clinched.

  10. the biggest problem for Joe is that all the cockhead, caught in their local teams, NY sportswriters will vote for Jagr. the east coast sportswriters in general don’t have a clue about the west coast teams.

  11. Jagr can get the points year in and year out but its only this season his team has actually won and its not all Jagr but also Lundqvist in net that’s helped out a lot.

    Joe on the other hand, just like mentioned prior, has transformed the Sharks from being bottom dwellers to contenders. He has made the players around him a lot better and its obvious Cheechoo could not ask for a better line mate.

    Also this slump the Rangers are having and if they fail to win the Atlantic, than that gives Thornton more credibility. Rangers had the Division title in their hands a few days ago but fucking blew it and right now deserve to lose.

  12. Mr Hockey: Yes, analysis has dropped off recently and the past couple of weeks so has the visitor count, but not too significantly. My analysis has dropped off because I have been a bit short on time. This should change this week as I expect to have some more time and I hope to write some stuff on the first round of the playoffs.

    As for the MVP, I have to give it to Jagr or Staal. Thornton has been great with the Sharks but how much of an MVP was he with the Bruins? Shouldn’t an MVP be an MVP the whole year on whatever team he has played on?

  13. “I have to give it to Jagr or Staal. Thornton has been great with the Sharks but how much of an MVP was he with the Bruins? Shouldn’t an MVP be an MVP the whole year on whatever team he has played on? ”

    Funny… were the one that said San Jose would never make the playoffs when they were dead last in their conference.

    Also no an MVP doesn’t need to be great a whole year. there are 1st half MVPs and 2nd half MVPs. Its ones individual ability to make the teammates around him much better and the ability to be feared by opponents. Jagr has that prescence and so does Thornton. Staal is getting there, don’t think he deserves MVP just because of the other teammates he’s got around him. Jagr….well there have been numerous of games where its been Jagr vs the rest.

    Did you not realize how mentally and physically deprieved Thornton was with the Bruins? Without Thornton, the Sharks wouldn’t be where they are right now. Jagr would win this if he ends up being the scoring leader.

  14. I never said San Jose would never make the playoffs. In fact when the trade was made I said it was a super trade for San Jose and should ensure they make the playoffs and if you look back at my final standind predictions I constantly said watch out for the Sharks.

  15. “I never said San Jose would never make the playoffs. In fact, when the trade was made I said it was a super trade for San Jose and should ensure they make the playoffs and if you look back at my final standings predictions I constantly said watch out for the Sharks. ”

    Bullshit dude, that’s total crap. You said SJ wouldn’t make the playoffs. You like to just cover your ass too many times. Yeah when did you say watch out for the Sharks? When they were dead last? Whatever man

  16. Before the season I predicted them to finish 3rd in the west. When the Thornton trade happened I immediately said it was a bad trade for Boston and a good one for the Sharks and a few weeks later I made a comment about the Sharks making the playoffs.

    As for San Jose, I am pretty confident in saying they will make the playoffs now.

  17. Adam: If you believe your argument about Khabibulin, let’s see how well the Blackhawks do in the playoffs!!!

    I can’t give it to Thornton, simply because halfway through his season, his team saw fit to trade him away. I guess he wasn’t their MVP. If he played all year on SJ with these numbers, I would give it to him. Right or wrong, I can’t give it to a player that was traded halfway through the season.

    To those who would give it to Ovechkin, wake up. If a team is never in contention for a playoff spot, can it have the league MVP???

    Since goalies have their own award (like Cy Young in baseball) I think a goalie must have a truly amazing season to get the MVP.

    I do think Jagr is worthy of the award. Having watched him closely all year (no, I’m nopt a Rangers fan) he took this team upon his shoulders and has carried them. It would help if he played defense more than one or two shifts a night, but still, I think he rightfully walks away wit the MVP.

  18. Ok for fuck sakes Thornton was not traded halfway through the season. He was traded on December 1st which is the 1st quarter of the season. That time, i have checked, the San Jose Sharks were 8-12-4 so from the Thornton trade the Sharks have gone 36-14-7

    so because he took his team on his shoulders and has carried them he should win the award? Well ok than lets see what other teams have the same sort of players. Joe Thornton for the Sharks has carried them, Eric Staal has carried the Canes, Teemua Selanne has gone nuts the 2nd half so really its not based on him carrying a team.

    You have forgotten to mention the fact that the Rangers have a man by the name of Henry Lundqvist. Who has done his share to enable the Rangers success. Without his solid goal tending, the Rangers wouldn’t be having the home ice in the first round.

    There is only so much a skater can do compared to a goalie. If a team doesn’t have that solid goal tending, an individual can have all the goal scoring titles he gets but still will have a crap team to play with.

    Rangers have shit the bed during the last few weeks and its going to cost Jagr the crown. MVPs finish the season strong and not just sit around and wait for playoffs to come. Rangers have incentive to play, to get that Atlantic crown but they shit the bed since the Islanders game and than losing by 2 to Penguins? Not good for an MVP resume.

  19. Brendan, no need to get all pissy. Besides, don’t you guys start your annual golf tournaments in Toronto the same time the rest of us start the playoffs?

    I personally have a problem giving the MVP to a player traded during the season. My opinion. I don’t vote, but I’m still entitled to an opinion. My opinion having watched a lot of the Rangers this season, is Jagr is the MVP.

    I do not hold the fact that the Rangers are not playing well now against him because if they decide to make the playoffs early and take time off, thet’s their choice. Again, my opinion.

    Must be hard getting tee-times during the playoffs in Toronto with all the Maple Leafs players getting the best slots, huh?

  20. Paul,
    i’m not a Leafs fan. Secondly i went to school for Golf Management so i already have connections and i know a lot of head and assistant pros so if i need a tee time its easy.

    Of course you are entitled to your own opinion, i have mine and i just disagreed with yours. I never said you were wrong i am starting a critique.

  21. “Secondly i went to school for Golf Management so i already have connections and i know a lot of head and assistant pros so if i need a tee time its easy. ”

    Ok, you got me.

    Still don’t understand how anyone can vote Ovechkin. Teams go into Washington saying let him get his two points, we’ll still win 5-2. An MVP cannot come from a non-competitive team, period.

  22. Brendan: I don’t think anyone thinks you aren’t entitled to your opinion. But, your opinion comes across much better and would garner more respect if you didn’t lace it with swear words. Makes you look childish and immature and I think most people here appreciate mature dialogue.

    Paul: Your ‘must be hard getting tee-times’ comment didn’t really add anything to the conversation either. I realize it was just in jest but like Brendan’s profanity, takes away from the actual opinions you really want to get across.

    I am only saying this because I really do not want these comment threads to develop into senseless team/people bashing that so many other forums have degraded into. I’d really like this site to reflect a higher level of hockey discussion and so far it has been that way and getting better. The visitors to this site are generally very hockey educated and have intelligent opinions and I really want to keep it that way.

    Have fun, but be respectful. That’s all I ask. And thanks for visiting.

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