Game Predictins – 4/15/2006

Todays games will either tell us who will make the playoffs in the east or else we will be in for some interesting hockey over the next couple of days. Tampa has a 3 point edge over Atlanta and 4 points over Toronto. with Tampa likely winning any tie breakers against either team the magic number for Toronto is 2 and Atlanta is 3. Any combination of Tampa points or Toronto lost points totalling 2 or more and Tampa beats out Toronto. Any combination of Atlanta lost points and Tampa earned points totalling 3 or more and Tampa is in. Monteal has also not secured a playoff spot yet either but they only need a point or Atlanta to lose a game to make the playoffs.

In tonights action Tampa plays a rematch game against Carolina, Atlanta takes on Boston, Toronto looks for their first win of the year against struggling Ottawa and Montreal has a challenge against Buffalo. Should be some good hockey tonight.

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
Philadelphia -128 NY Rangers 121 Philadelphia Some
St. Louis 141 Detroit -171 Detroit Strong
Dallas -151 Minnesota 133 Dallas Good
San Jose -127 Anaheim 121 San Jose Some
Toronto 100 Ottawa -100 Ottawa Some
Montreal -107 Buffalo 106 Buffalo Some
NY Islanders -161 Pittsburgh 138 NY Islanders Good
Atlanta -139 Boston 128 Atlanta Some
Columbus -139 Chicago 128 Columbus Some
Tampa Bay -106 Carolina 106 Carolina Some
Florida -154 Washington 135 Florida Good
Nashville -127 Phoenix 121 Nashville Some
Vancouver -110 Colorado 109 Colorado Some
Los Angeles -100 Calgary 100 Calgary Some

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  1. If the predictions hold true today/tonight, Atlanta will control their fate. An Atlanta win and a TB regulation loss puts the Thrashers within a point of the Lightning with one game left for TB and two for the Thrashers.

    And how sweet it will be for Sens fans if Ottawa wins tonight and officially eliminates Toronto from the race.

  2. hey! dont u think TB will win 2day since deir fighting 4 da playoff & i picked MTL,DAL N TB, is dat a gud pick?…..any1 knw which games will go n be decide in shootout? does any play proline?..newaiz im out..eZz

  3. All you haters can rest asured that Toronto WILL win tonight. Main reasons being, the Leafs are at home, they are playing their best hockey of the season trying to stay alive and make the post season and Morrisson is in goal once again for the Sens who have been pretty bad as of late. As a Leaf fan im hoping Atlanta and Tampa Bay lose respectfully tonight. Aside from that, here are my picks for tonight, got a good feeling about this goes:

    -San Jose


  4. Its gonna be a night where a lot of road teams pull out wins i think. I see a lot of favs winning tonight as well…not as many as David has above but I can see at least 3-4 small upsets…i dont think any major upsets will occur tonight.

  5. Well than again… the one big upset i feel very confident about is Pittsburgh over the NY Islanders. Pittsburgh owns NY in NY in recent times. Crosby wants to hit 100 points, Pens are coming off a win, and due for a road win. Thats my take on it.

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