Game Predictions – 4/11/2006

Busy schedule again tonight with 12 games set to be played. The two most important games are Edmonton at Detroit and Colorado vs Phoenix. Edmonton currently sits 2 points ahead of 9th place Vancouver while Colorado is just 3 points ahead. Both teams would like to add to that. An Edmonton win or even an over time loss would also officially eliminate the Los Angeles Kings from the playoffs. Also worth watching are the Anaheim and Nashville games. It appears most likely that these two teams will meet in the first round of the playoffs but home ice advantage is still up for grabs as Anaheim sits just 2 points back of Nashville. With Vokoun now out for the season Nashville’s hopes for a playoff run were just reduced significantly and losing home ice advantage would be another kick in the head.

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
NY Rangers -156 NY Islanders 136 NY Rangers Good
Philadelphia -216 Pittsburgh 153 Philadelphia Strong
Carolina -146 New Jersey 131 Carolina Good
Toronto -146 Florida 131 Toronto Good
Ottawa -183 Boston 145 Ottawa Strong
Tampa Bay -122 Atlanta 118 Tampa Bay Some
Detroit -144 Edmonton 131 Detroit Good
St. Louis 127 Nashville -138 Nashville Good
Minnesota -172 Chicago 142 Minnesota Good
Dallas -190 Columbus 147 Dallas Strong
Colorado -199 Phoenix 149 Colorado Strong
Calgary -178 Anaheim 144 Calgary Strong

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  1. holy how unlikely is all the favs winning tonight plus only 1 away team win? very unlikely if you ask me. Id be suprised…VERY suprised if the Algo got this one perfect. A lot of games, hard to guess exactly where the upsets will be, but im sure there will be a few. Heres my guess….

    Todays Predictions:

    -NY Rangers
    -New Jersey (upset) AWAY TEAM
    -Tampa Bay
    -Edmonton (upset) AWAY TEAM
    -Chicago (upset) AWAY TEAM
    -St. Louis (upset)
    -Anaheim (upset) AWAY TEAM

  2. I could see Ottawa losing as they are on a 4 game losing streak and Boston has played them fairly tough this year.

    I agree that New Jersey could upset Carolina. They are playing great the past couple weeks. Same for Anaheim though I still like Calgary to win.

    St. Louis would have a chance as Nashville is without Vokoun but they are such a horrible team I would never bet them to win.

    Another team I think might upset is Phoenix over Colorado. For Colorado it is all about goaltending and we just don’t know how Theodore will play so soon after returning from injury.

  3. Not a bad job by the algo on this night. By the looks of it 10/12 if the scores stay the way they are. I had a Pools ticket tonight, i obviously didnt use the picks i posted above; getting the Islanders, Oilers, and Anaheim wrong. The upset in the Atlanta game was very likely to happen and it did, as for the NYI-NYR upset, that was pretty suprising and unexpected.

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