Game Predictions – 4/9/2006

Here are tonights game predictions. There are a couple of games to watch today. With Vanocuver winning last night the games of Edmonton vs St. Louis and San Jose vs Dallas have more significance. Also worth watching is Colorado and Minnesota as this game could be Theodore’s debut game with the Avalanche. The Avalanche have shown themselves to be a very good team but Peter Budaj is not going to be the goalie to lead them to playoff success so we all need to watch and see if somehow Jose Theodore can regain his form of previous years.

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
Florida -150 Tampa Bay 133 Florida Good
St. Louis 152 Edmonton -211 Edmonton Strong
New Jersey -110 NY Rangers 109 New Jersey Some
San Jose -162 Dallas 138 San Jose Good
Colorado -101 Minnesota 101 Colorado Some

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  1. GL
    But Avs very good team ? The last weeks not and they are limping into the playoffs right now.

  2. One thing that I’ve noticed today is that one team has been eliminated from playoff contention. With a 4-2 loss to Anaheim Saturday evening, Los Angeles has been knocked out of the playoffs entering Sunday’s games. Looking at the schedule, you know that if San Jose got a single point in any of their final six games, the Kings would be eliminated. If Vancouver gets 3 points in their final 4 games, they would be eliminated. Knowing this, if Vancouver only gets 2 points, this would mean that they would’ve lost at least one of their two games against San Jose. Take a look at these scenarios for the two meetings between the current 8th and 9th seeded teams. Numbers in parenthesis represent most possible points for Los Angeles or least possible points for Vancouver/San Jose

    Vancouver wins 2, San Jose wins 0, Vancouver eliminates Los Angeles; SJ (89), LA (91), VAN (93), Vancouver makes 8th seed by way of points.
    Vancouver wins 1, San Jose wins 1, San Jose eliminates Los Angeles; VAN (91), LA (91), SJ (91), San Jose makes 8th seed by way of tiebreaker, Los Angeles makes 9th seed by way of tiebreaker over Vancouver.
    Vancouver wins 0, San Jose wins 2, San Jose eliminates Los Angeles; VAN (91), LA (91), SJ (93), San Jose makes 8th seed by way of points.

    *Any game resulting in 2 points for one team and 1 point for the opposition would not alter the scenarios which would eliminate Los Angeles

    Remember that the numbers in parenthesis for San Jose and Vancouver are the least amount of points available for the listed scenario. This doesn’t account for San Jose having 4 games remaining and Vancouver still having 2 games remaining. In all likelyhood, either Vancouver or San Jose would obtain more than the least possible figure for the points column.

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