Game Predictions – 4/8/2006

We have a busy schedule today with 13 games set to be played. With the east pretty playoff teams pretty much set, the big games are in the west. Los Angeles plays Anaheim and Vancouver playing Calgary are big games as the Kings and Canucks try to get wins against better teams in order to keep their playoff hopes alive. A Los Angeles loss and you can pretty much count them out of the playoffs as they would sit 4 points back with 3 games left (and San Jose would have 6 games left). Vancouver isn’t in quite as critical position but a loss would mean they would probably have to win their final 4 games to make it in.

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
Boston -108 NY Rangers 107 NY Rangers Some
Colorado -234 St. Louis 157 Colorado Strong
Los Angeles -109 Anaheim 108 Anaheim Some
Montreal -146 New Jersey 131 Montreal Good
Ottawa -191 Buffalo 147 Ottawa Strong
NY Islanders -201 Washington 150 NY Islanders Strong
Philadelphia 115 Toronto -118 Toronto Some
Atlanta -146 Carolina 131 Atlanta Good
Columbus 124 Detroit -132 Detroit Good
Tampa Bay -292 Pittsburgh 165 Tampa Bay Strong
Nashville -264 Chicago 162 Nashville Strong
Vancouver -153 Calgary 134 Vancouver Good
Phoenix 101 Dallas -101 Dallas Some

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  1. had 1 wrong yesterday..did alright at wager web..I haven’t calculated my percentage of wins their but I believe i am about 80% in the wins column…the only prob is when I do lose it’s a bigger amount…twice I built up money with lots of small wins and lost on two big bets after oh well it’s fun and I started with their money…i am still at 60$ in the good..

    dave like your picks but 2

    I like boston and phily today just gut feelings…

    i think car det and phily will win their back to back games from last night and tonight…

  2. wow..i guessed 1 wrong on David’s algo today lol..just the Anaheim/LA game i guessed different. Everything else was right on the button. 🙂

    Todays picks:

    -New Jersey
    -NY Islanders
    -Tampa Bay

  3. dave why only the SOME confidence on the ducks? i know that is the algorithm and not your confidence, but it seems that would be higher. the ducks are at a -140 tonight and i am thinking that is a really strong bet, but your algorithm appears to make the game a pick em. what’s up?

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