NHL Game Predictions – 4/7/2006

It looks like the eastern conference playoff teams are all set now as Tampa has a 6 point lead over Atlanta with just 6 games left. It would take Tampa losing probably 5 of 6 to give Atlanta or Toronto a chance and I don’t think that will happen. So it is all about playoff position now. Also with Ottawa losing 5 of their last 7 games the conference lead is not back up for grabs as Carolina is just 2 points back. Tonight they play Washington for the 5th and final time in the past 2 weeks and 3rd in a row. Looking at the standings it should be an easy game for the Hurricanes but the Caps have played them tough in those 5 games.

That leaves the west where there still is a playoff race and there are 2 big games tonight. The most important game is Edmonton against Chicago. An Edmonton win would put them 4 points ahead of Vancouver and 5 ahead of Los Angeles. It will also allow them to leap frog over Colorado and San Jose into 6th spot.

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
Washington 126 Carolina -135 Carolina Good
Florida -186 Pittsburgh 146 Florida Good
Detroit -198 Columbus 149 Detroit Strong
Buffalo -145 Philadelphia 131 Buffalo Good
Chicago -112 Edmonton 110 Chicago Some
Calgary -211 Minnesota 152 Calgary Strong

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  1. Tonight I like Cal,Det,Phil,Edm,Fla,Wsh. Washington has played Car. tuff all year and tonight will be no different.Phil a win on the road where there seem to be a better team.Edm in playoff mode will handle chicago by 2.

  2. Im 63.5% accurate for the season as of right now. 13/16 last 2 days. Im doing my best to get to 70% before the end of the season. You will see me pick more upsets in the upcoming days.

  3. For all those who are interested , im begining to set up my own hockey website and hope to have it fully completed , run and running in a few months.

  4. For all those who are interested , im begining to set up my own hockey website and hope to have it fully completed , up and running in a few months.

  5. dave do you think Chicago will win the game tonight? i really like EDM and the juice isnt bad but i want to know as much as i can before i pull that trigger. what do you think?

  6. It is hard to say. Edmonton is such an up and down team. Considering where they sit in relation to a play off spot I would expect them to come out hard and do everything they can to win. But they have been such an up and down team I don’t know what to expect from them. If I was really pushed to make a prediction I would go against my algorithm and pick Edmonton but a Chicago win would not surprise me at all.

  7. David. There is 9 teams in action tomarrow that are in action tonight. 7 of those teams are on the road…one game being det @ clb..other than that game what are the odds your algorithm will pick at least 1 of these teams to win back to back and on the road?

  8. Just for shits n giggles im going to try something different right now..im going to predict what I think your algo will predict for tomarrows games:

    -NY Rangers
    -Los Angeles
    -NY Islanders
    -Tampa Bay

    Lets see how I do! lol

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