Game Predictions – 4/3/2006

There are 10 games on the NHL schedule tonight which is a very large number for a Monday night. The big game of the night in the east is Florida at Tampa. A Florida win would put them just 4 points behind Tampa for the 8th spot in the east and they still have a game to play. A Florida win would also allow Atlanta (who plsy Ottawa) and Toronto (who plays Buffalo) a chance to close the gap a little as well (Atlanta to 3 within points and Toronto to within 5 points with both teams having a game in hand). Of course, a Tampa win does wonders for improving their playoff chances and would put Florida 8 points back with just 7 games remaining and their playoff hopes all but over.

The big game in the western conference is Vancouver-Los Angeles. Vancouver currently sits in 7th spot but just 4 points ahead of 10th place Los Angeles with the Kings holding a game in hand. A Vancouver loss and the Canucks playoff hopes would once again be a big question mark as every team chasing them has games in hand. San Jose is just 4 back and have 3 games in hand.

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
Carolina -204 Washington 151 Carolina Strong
Toronto -104 Buffalo 104 Buffalo Some
Ottawa -172 Atlanta 141 Ottawa Good
Tampa Bay -132 Florida 124 Tampa Bay Some
Nashville -175 Columbus 142 Nashville Good
Dallas -134 San Jose 125 Dallas Some
Colorado -207 Chicago 151 Colorado Strong
Calgary -162 Detroit 138 Calgary Good
Edmonton -126 Phoenix 121 Edmonton Some
Los Angeles -167 Vancouver 140 Los Angeles Strong

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  1. Todays picks:

    -Washington (upset)
    -Atlanta (upset)
    -Florida (upset)
    -Phoenix (upset)
    -Detroit (upset)
    -Los Angeles (upset)

  2. David.About yesterdays thread. I have read your comments and as always you make good points to support your arguments. Please dont take my argument as critizism but it was not. All i was merely trying to do is maybe make aware of the fact that the 2nd night of a double header really boils down to the teams at play and their records and so forth not just bet against them and hope you hit the 60% odds and hope that team losses. I was just thinking this may be one small way to slowly improve your percentages over the long run. Today i have Detroit winning on their 2nd back to back night, and I have Vancouver losing their game. Your Algo has Vancouver and Detroit both losing…which I cam to expect, as we’ve been discussing this. In all honesty, do you agree with both your Algo games???? Or do you possibly disagree with one or both???

  3. I would say that there is a very good chance that Vancouver will lose. The Detroit-Calgary game is a bit tougher of a call but I am not sure I would necessarily go against the algorithm unless I got some good odds to do so. Since Legace started yesterday there is a decent chance that Osgood will start today and I don’t think Osgood is as good.

    I don’t have a problem with my algorithms predictions for these two games. I’d say that they are more than likely to come true.

  4. i like atlanta for an upset, also SJ and van

    alfredson is out with the flu, modano will prob miss with sore back… and van just plain and simple must win….or i think their done if they don’t….big game tonight….also florida is hot to trot like emtonight again over tampa… I boxed T.O buf on my pool…

    took cal car col edm nas

    keep my fingers crossed…

    I got a a good proline going with mixed sports….

    4 ball games
    1 ncaa
    1 hockey game…
    winning the first 3 out 4 baseball other is later…

    I will cross my fingers tonight ….I am due for a big night…..I am tired of these 50 60 $ nights….going for the gold tonight…

    good luck to everyone …


  5. Just to comment I made a mistake yesterday. Detroit is 9-2-3 on back to back games not 9-3-2. Chris Osgood just started vs Chicago and lost. He’s also started last 2/5 games and lost them both. So I dont necessarily see Osgood starting over Legace just because its back to back. I dont want to “assume” this factor.

    There is a lot of stats and trends one can look at for this game that could swing either way. This is a tough game tonight, probably the toughest of the night if you ask me. Here are some stats and trends that are interesting:

    In favour of Calgary:

    -25-12-3 on 1 days rest
    -winning series 2-1, winning the 1st game in Calgary
    -8-2-2 1st game back at home
    -have won 3 striaght games
    -2nd best goals against: Detroit 3rd in NHL
    -Fischer, Schnieder, and Cleary out for Red Wings

    In favour of Detroit:

    -NHL best 27-6-3 on the road
    -45-12-7 vs the West Conferance
    -7-0-3 last 10 games
    -1st ranked power play unit
    -4th ranked penalty kill unit
    -2nd best goals for in NHL: Calgary 27th
    -35-10-5 after a win
    -9-2-3 on back to back nights
    -Legace 4-0, 1.25avg, 1 SO, .950 save% last 4 games
    -Leclerc, Leopold, Lundmark, McCarty, Nilson, Warrener all out for Flames

    Personally if you ask me, the Red Wings should be the favourite in this game. Either way, no matter what happens in this game I strongly believe it will be tight till the end, possibly overtime or further. I like Detroit in this game, good value bet.

  6. Yes, an Atlanta upset is a good pick. Ottawa is decimated with injuries. Chara. Redden. Phillips. Havlat. Fisher. Hasek. And Alfreddson has the flu and might not play (game time decision). Atlanta has everything to play for while Ottawa is in a nice position at the top of the standings. Plus Atlanta is 2-1 against Ottawa this year.

  7. Good luck to you Mike L. I have a Proline Pool ticket as usual for tonight. Went a little un-orthadox than usual with my predictions but I feel an upset night may be in order tonight.

    my Proline Pool ticket:

    TOR over BUF
    FLA over TB
    NSH over CLB
    DAL over SJ
    COL over CHI
    DET over CGY
    L.A over VAN

    3 upsets taken in FLA, DET and L.A (even tho I disagree and feel neither of these teams should be underdogs) with a possibilty of 6 upsets occuring if WSH, ATL and PHX win the boxed games.

  8. The other thing to remember in the Calgary-Detroit game is that Calgary has a whole lot more to play for. Detroit has the top spot in the west all but locked down while Calgary is still in a battle for their division title.

  9. Yes David your right, but you can’t assume Detroit’s going to roll over and play dead all game. They are the #1 ranked team in the West and good teams, whether playing without a few starters or not, find ways to win games. This is what makes good teams…well, good teams.

  10. This is true also. So in a nutshell, the game comes down to opinion, cuz really you could say its a coin flip. I still like Detroit in this game. But your agruments for Calgary are valid.

  11. Everyone but me like Carolina over Washington. Am naive in thinking the Capitals may win game once again? Washington may be playing it’s best hockey of the season right now beating extremely good playoff bound teams. Ottawa laid 46 shots on Washington Saturday and the Caps winning the last 2 games in Carolina.

  12. i agree mike L., im on FLA tonight and i would have played ATL for an upset, i just forgot to at the store..

  13. damn. ton of upsets tonight, just not where I thought theyd be. Detroit won as expected. One of few picks I got correct..ironyic!

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