NHL Game Predictions – 3/30/2006

There are seven games on the schedule tonight with a couple of them being extremely important with respect to the playoffs. The big game in the East is Atlanta at Tampa. Atlanta currently trails Tampa, New Jersey and Montreal by 5 points as those 3 teams are tied for 6th, 7th and 8th spot in the east. Atlanta does hold a game in hand but a loss would make it difficult to catch the Lightning in their final 10 games. New Jersey who is coming off a big shootout victory over the Oilers take on the struggling Sabres who broke a 6 game winning streak with a win over Boston yesterday. We’ll have to see if that was enough to break their slump but we know that the Devils have much more motivation to win and being rested might be able to surprise the Sabres. Montreal is also in action tonight against the lowly Capitals and should win this game barring an outburst by Ovechkin and stellar goaltending by Kolzig.

In the west the big game is Los Angeles at Edmonton with Los Angeles being in a similar position to Atlanta. Los Angeles which has been free falling in the standings for the last couple months would fall 5 points out of a playoff spot if they lose to the 8th place Oilers. With just 8 games left after tonight and with San Jose also in the mix (and with games in hand) a Los Angeles loss would almost end their playoff hopes. San Jose who sits 2 points back of the Oilers but have 2 games in hand play Phoenix tonight.

Another game that could result in an upset is the Rangers-Senators game. Since the Senators are at home and the Rangers played last night the Senators should have a significant advantage in this game. But the Senators are an injury riddled team at the moment, particularly on defense where Chara and Phillips, who they use to shut down the opposing teams best players, will both be out of action. This is not good news as Jagr has been tearing up the league lately (8g, 11a, 19 points in last 8 games). The Senators better hope Jagr is a bit tired playing his 3rd game in 4 nights and/or Ray Emery has an outstanding night in goal or else this could get messy for Ottawa. An upset is a definite possibility. Update: Apparently Wade Redden will be out of the lineup as well as he has returned home to Alberta to attend to some family matters. An upset is even more likely now.

Home Team Fair
Road Team Fair
Predicted Winner Confidence
Montreal -160 Washington 137 Montreal Good
Ottawa -138 NY Rangers 127 Ottawa Good
New Jersey 129 Buffalo -142 Buffalo Good
Tampa Bay -105 Atlanta 105 Tampa Bay Some
Nashville 112 Detroit -114 Detroit Some
Edmonton -102 Los Angeles 102 Edmonton Some
San Jose -115 Phoenix 113 San Jose Some

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  2. Tonights Predictions:

    -New Jersey
    -NY Rangers
    -San Jose

  3. NY Rangers are 6-1-3 on the 2nd night of a back to back game. Playing a hurt Ottawa team. An upset is very likely here. Take NY Rangers in a colse game, possibly overtime or shootout.

  4. Tonight’s Predictions:

    -Montreal (Good)
    -NY Rangers (Some)
    -New Jersey (Good)
    -Tampa Bay (Good)
    -Nashville (Some)
    -Los Angeles (Some)
    -San Jose (Strong)

    I am betting (not literally) on an upset in the Ottawa/NY Rangers game. We have Habs vs. Caps tonight, and Montreal has played slightly above average recently and needs a good effort by Huet to stop Ovechkin. New Jersey and Buffalo is a likely first round matchup. If New Jersey doesn’t pass NY Rangers in the Atlantic division, the 5th seeded Devils could play the 4th seeded Sabres. Tampa Bay and Atlanta is also a critical game for both teams, more for the Thrashers than the defending Stanley Cup champions. I take Atlanta in this one. Nashville and Detroit could be a 2nd round matchup. I’ll pick the home team, Nashville. A pivotal game between Edmonton and Los Angeles with the 8th spot in the playoffs still available. I think the game will go to the Kings if Torchetti decides to start Jason LaBarbera, who only allowed two goals last night to Calgary, while Garon allowed a combined 11 in Torchetti’s other two games. Otherwise, Edmonton will win, but I think the Kings will realize by 9:00 ET that they need good defense and offense to make the playoffs. Without it, even if they manage to make it, they won’t make it through the first round unless they get the 7th seed and play Dallas. Getting the 8th seed is bad because they get Detroit, where they are 0-3-1 this year. One last game is a no-brainer. San Jose will easily beat Phoenix.

  5. Well, I could not imagine how PHX looses game easily in the same day when NSH is going to beat DET.

  6. game is just underway no scor yet….i just don’t see s.J losing tonight….I didn’t get a chance to bet on anything tonight except last minute bet on s.j I got 20$ bones on s.j no matter what the record says… they are despaerate and they will win i hope… at home also..


  7. Ok. It (algo) works with the selective betting as well. +$11.87 in the week number 3, which is just a few cents lower than in the first week.

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